Top 10 Roguelike Deckbuilders On The Nintendo Switch | Games Like Slay The Spire


The Nintendo Switch has become a powerhouse for Roguelike Deckbuilders, so I decided to take a look at my 10 favorites. What would be your best choices? 0:00 Intro 0:23 Discounted ESHOP Credit 0:44 What is a Roguelike Deckbuilder? 1:21 Number 10 2:37 Number 9 3:42 Number 8 4:54 Number 7 5:54 Number 6 7:04 Number 5 8:07 Number 4 9:09 Number 3 10:06 Number 2 11:16 Number 1 Best Roguelike Deck Builder on Nintendo Switch Want to support the channel? Discord: Patreon: PlayStationCorner: Merch: Subscribe: www. ————————————— ————————————————– —————- We at SwitchCorner are here to give you all the Switch news and reviews you need? Want to see or hear about a game, let us know in the comments below! ————————————————– ————————————————– —– Top 10 Roguelike Deckbuilders on the Nintendo Switch | Games like Slay The Spire Featured Games: Roguebook One Step From Eden City Wars: Tokyo Reign Nowhere Prophet Inscryption Griftlands Iris And The Giant Dicey Dungeon Slay The Spire Monster Train #switchcorner #nintendoswitch #roguelike #deckbuilder.



  1. Wish these games had better aesthetics. Slay the spire has an ascension-like charm to the primitivism of it’s art, but all these other games just seem full of visually unappealing modern corporate art…

  2. I still like the gameplay of DungeonTop which is also regularly super cheap but it does lack any sort of story. I don’t feel I have explored this genre enough. Griftlands and Inscryption look compelling to me.

  3. I started playing STS a month ago and it's really great, wouldn't have thought that it would take that much of my time. Think it's one of my most played games on switch already. Dicey Dungeons is also nice. Thanks for this list, I might try a few of the others

  4. Alex, thank you for this. I finally figured out this is one of my favorite genres and thought I knew about all of switch’s deck builders. Adding several of these to my wishlist!

  5. Ever since the days of “Magic the Gathering” back in the 90’s I’ve been intimidated by Deck Builders. The closest I ever came to one in 30 years was “Gwent” during the Witcher game. Just recently however I picked up “Inscription”. This decision based off of both the great reviews (not least of all SwitchCorner) and the “if you’re intimidated by deck builders, this is a great starting point” compliment many reviewers gave. It is now at the top of my queue and I genuinely excited to play it.

  6. I have all of these except Iris and the Giant (which I am going to rectify now thanks to you) I watch the eshop like a hawk so that's impressive that you found one that I had never heard of, so thankyou so much!

  7. I like Monster Train and Slay the Spire, but I am totally hooked on Dicey Dungeons! It's just so much fun and so varied. I hope there will be more updates or a sequel. I keep coming back to this game.

  8. What did you miss?
    Good ones:
    Banners Of Ruin.
    Dungeon Top.
    Monster Slayers.
    Not sure:
    For The Warp.
    Castle Morihisa.
    Deck Of Ashes.
    Rise Of Slime.
    A long Way Down.

  9. Slay the spire is amazing. Nowhere prophet a hidden gem. Like yours and SwitchUps Christmas videos, you edge it for me because it’s slightly less mainstream (in my opinion) focused. ????

  10. Started with Slay the spire when it was the fre e PS game of the month. Awesome game. recently got Dicey Dungeon and wow just as good to me. Even my wife is falling for dicey.

  11. This was a genre I never would have considered until I saw some of your reviews and now I own a few I love dicey dungeons! Amazing American circus is great too just because it’s so different

  12. I’ve never been much of a deck builder gamer, I played Lost in Random recently and had a lot of fun, it’s not necessarily just deck building but it has this element, and that got me more interested in the genre. I wanna play Dicey Dungeons next.

  13. Although Steamworld Quest isn't a roguelike, it's the game that got me into this genre. I've put 100s of hours into slay the spire and Monster train is catching up. I've enjoyed a lot on this list. I need to return to griftlands sometime and can't wait to grab inscryption when I get through a little bit of my backlog.

  14. Great to see Nowhere Prophet on the list. Slay the Spire and Monster Train are #1 and 2 for me but Nowhere Prophet is definitely in there at #3. It's very tough but some great mechanics. I'd never heard of City Wars so will check that out next!


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