Top 10 Super Mario 64 DS Minigames


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  1. So would it be a good idea fot nitendo to make a full game on mini game number 1 in this list?like more levels instead of it just being endless

  2. New super mario bros:AHEM!!!!!!!
    Mario 64 ds:what?
    New super mario bros ds:you stole my mini games
    Mario 64 ds:so? No one's smart enough to notice
    New super mario bros ds:eh true…..

  3. I'm not sure if these are sm64ds as I don't have every minigame, but these 2 in nsmbds are fun. one is where you guide a bomb with the touch screen and there are many fire bombs and every once in a while the boss stature spits fire covering a 3rd of the arena, the other is a snowball fight where you manage your Yoshi and aiming your snowballs, you throw snowballs at your Enimie but they could also throw snowballs to attack, you use the bottom of the touch screen to move and the top to throw, and there are snowman the you could use for cover, but to get snowballs you need to destroy them in exange for the snowball, you can convert destroyed snowmen into snowballs


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