Top 10 Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games of April 2021


? Watch Nintendo Switch Top 10 Playlist Nintendo Switch Platform Games ? Top 10 Pixel Art Nintendo Switch Hidden Gems ❤ Follow ❤ Twitter: @tensor_gaming Instagram: @tensor_gaming ? Games on this list ? 0:00 intro 0:16 Knight Squad 2 ▶ https :// Steam ▶ https://store. 1:10 Bamerang ▶ Steam ▶ / 1:54 Battle Ax ▶ 2:55 Potion Party ▶ -switch/ Steam ▶ 4:37 Say no! More ▶ Steam ▶ 5:40 Reknum Cheri Dreamland ▶ http :// Steam ▶ 6:40 SaGa Frontier Remastered ▶ https:// Steam ▶ 7:56 SturmFront – The Mutant War: Übel Edition ▶ https: // Steam ▶ 8:26 Myastere: Ruins by Deazniff ▶ Steam ▶ 10:02 Smelter ▶ /detail/smelter-switch/ Steam ▶ ?? Watch r by Play list ?? ? Upcoming Indie Games ? Metroidvania Indie Games ? Hidden Treasures https: // www. ? Pixel Art Indie Games ? Platformer Indie Games PLghy Games indie .io ? Games of the year ? Games of the month https: / / ? RPG Indie Games ? Contact all links here: c/TechBanditOfficial/about Note: Most of the Top 10 lists in this channel are randomized. It is NOT arranged from good to best or vice versa. Although sometimes I organize it according to the number of reviews. The goal is to share these games with players who may not know it. ?? #GuessTheGame #indiegames .



  1. I need help guys. Im looking for an indie game from this kind of lista & Im having trouble remembring its name its driving me nuts. Its a 2daction rpg platformer w/ animeish look and with online multiplayer option. All i can remember is it had a lenghty name. My brain is melting pls help??

  2. April is looking pretty amazing (and it's usually one of the slower months!). You could easily make another video of 10 awesome games on the way to Switch in April: Lost Words Beyond the Page, Cozy Grove, Poison Control, Stitchy in Tooki Trouble, Godstrike, FEXL Another Dash, Antinomy of Common Flowers, Raiden IV x Mikado remix, Moon Raider, The Skylia Prophecy, R-Type Final 2.

    My wallet is feeling the pain!!! However, things slow down in May … so far I only see three or four Switch games in May, and three or four in June… It is new game announcement season tho!

  3. Great list! Been really excited for Smelter for a little while now. Never even heard of Myastere before, but it looks like a ton of fun! Reknum Cheri looks pretty fun too, like they mixed Zelda, Cuphead, and Shantae all into one game!


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