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There are a lot of great games on the Wii, and I’m here to give you my Top 10 Wii Games. With very clever motion controls and game mechanics, it was a fun system with a lot of gems. From Zelda Twilight Princess, Mario and a few surprises you can find on this list. Again, to be clear, this is just my personal list of what I think is the Top 10 Wii Games. Let me know which ones would be on your list! Subscribe: NEW and exclusive content when you support Our Patreon: WE GOT MERCH! Join the Mini Producer level on Patreon to get your name in the credits and help determine which games I should complete on the show: A great thanks to Origin PC for sponsoring the channel! Our partnership with G Fuel keeps this channel going. Please visit the following link to get your G Fuel today and make sure to use the code “Completionist” Completionist Merch: Support our Patreon: https: // Watch us on Twitch: Find us on Reddit: Follow us on Twitter: / Completionist Like us on Facebook: // Follow us on Instagram: TOVG is made up of: Jirard Khalil – Creator / Executive Producer / The Guy Who Completes Everything Jacque Khalil – Producer / Funding Department Patrick Stenglein – Showrunner / Senior Editor Michael Barryte – Creative Director https: // Frazier Perez-Yadon – Product eur / Commercial operations Alex Faciane – Creative consultant https: // tw Tom Guest – Associate producer Ted Coonradt – Community Manager / Merch Coordinator Megan Baldado – Social Media Lead Brett Bayonne – Editor-in-Chief Cameron Daxon – Writer Allen Bartstow – Writer Jeremy Hanna – Writer https: // Eric Zipper – Writer Nickolai Boulton – Editor, Motion Designer Shawn – Thumbnail and Merch Artist JetpackBraggin Carlos Padilla – Title Artist Charlie Shipley – Assistant Editor http: / / Josh Kotoff – Channel Manager / SEO Expert Intro 0: 00-0: 47 10 1: 00-2: 08 9 2: 11-3: 43 8 3: 46-5: 05 7 5: 08-6: 11 6 6: 14-7: 40 5 7: 43-8: 59 4 9: 02-10: 24 3 10: 27-12: 17 2 12: 20- 14:27 1 14: 30-16: 19 Outro 16: 19-16: 46 The Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex – http: // eliteferre Art By: Sean (JetPackBraggin) and Carlos Padilla Watch more episodes and from game reviews like my top 10 Wii games on my channel below. Tell me what other Top 10 videos you think I should make! # Top10 #Wii #Nintendo # Top10WiiGames.



  1. FUCK YEAH NUMBER 2 should be #1 but fuck it I’m okay with # 2 as long as we in top 3 , that game is my all time fav Mario sports game, sports game , and Mario game shit was amazing and addicting

  2. Wow. The Smash Bros Brawl theme still gives me nostalgic shivers to this day. I remember sitting down to beat the final boss with my friend and seeing the Sonic cut scene for the fist time. It was SICK! Best Smash Bros game of all time.

  3. Going off the games that I've personally played. My list is this
    1. Super Mario galaxy 2
    2. Zelda : twlight princess
    3. Donkey Kong country returns
    4. Metro is prime 3 : corruption
    5. No more heroes 2 : desperate struggle
    6. Resident evil the umbrella chronicles
    7. Madworld
    8. Onechunbarba : bikini zombie slayers.
    9. Hot wheels , beat that
    10. The conduit

  4. "Let me know why your 10 through 2 is just every Wii Sports game."
    Nah, I think only three or four of those games would be on my list, and maybe not even that many, but I will say I'd have to seriously think hard and consider what other games would be there. The Wii defined my childhood and I loved so many of the games I played on this white box of joy, it'd be hard to narrow it down to 10 and figure out exactly where they'd rank.

  5. I hate when yt channels try to represent themselves with an anime style figure. This dude looks nothing like his anime character that shows up at every number. The completionist is fat and they try to make you think he’s fit or muscular. Also garbage top ten

  6. I loved Brawl because of the platformer story mode.

    I was extremely disappointed by ultimate when the story mode was just basic fights.
    For that reason I played it for about 2 hours and never touched it again.

  7. Okay, so here's my list:
    10. Wii Sports (obviously)
    9. Smash Bros. Brawl
    8. Mario Galaxy 2
    7. Twilight Princess
    6. Punch Out!! (Wii)
    5. Skyward Sword
    4. No More Heroes 2
    3. Mario Galaxy
    2. No More Heroes
    1. Xenoblade Chronicles

  8. Games i feel need to be added:
    Mariokart Wii
    Metroid prime trilogy
    Marioparty 8+9
    TloZ: skyward sword
    (Mario+Sonic olympic games)
    Wii sports/Wii play/resort
    Xenoblade cronicals?!

  9. 1. Kirby’s return to Dreamland
    2. Zelda TP
    3. Okami
    4. Zelda SS
    5. New super Mario bros wii
    6. Super Mario Galaxy
    7. Scarface
    8. RE4 Wii
    9. Monster Hunter Tri
    10. Green Day Rock Band

  10. I got my wii back after my niece upgraded with all my games and downloads from Sega, turbo graphic ect and recently bought more games,accessories it's like the best system Nintendo made so original.

  11. I'm glad some of my favorites made the list but it's tough that he didn't include Mario Kart Wii or Wii Sports Resort since I've played those half to death. Another even though they weren't Wii exclusives I played a lot of Lego games on the Wii like Star Wars The Complete Saga and Indiana Jones.

  12. You know a Wii game that is basically never talked about zach and wiki quest for barbarous treasure its smuch a fun puzzle game with collection golden objects that when put together make a gold skellighton I wish they made a sequel to that game as they definitely made it look like a cliff hanger slightly

  13. dude how the heck is mario kart wii not on here. like not even CTGP?!?!? idk thats just really weird to me that WARIO LAND is one here and mkwii and/or ctgp is not

  14. Played Strikers Charged for the first time recently. It's a pretty garbage game imo. It relies too much on the super shots, and turning those off makes it almost impossible to score at all.

    Like the Wii console…. Strikers Charged is founded upon gimmicks.

    I'm hoping to see the series return but without the Wii bs.

  15. Mario Strikers Charged was one of 3 of my first wii games, and as a soccer fan I love it and it’s predecessor on game cube. Mario Sports Mix, however, easily ties it for my favorite Mario sports game. It serves as a spiritual sequel to Mario VS 3 on 3 on the DS by bringing back basketball (though without the tacky pen moves) along with volleyball, hockey, and dodgeball. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics 3 still doesn’t come close to either, in my opinion, despite including all of those events.

  16. Sigh, I still regret selling my wii. I wanted a ps4 like all my friends so I could play with them and also more games because they stopped making games for the wii at the time. But I didn't have enough money to buy it so I sold my wii with all my games to buy one. And I'm still happy that I bought one because I still use it almost every single day, but I always get so nostalgic when seeing video's about super smash bros, mario galaxy 1 and 2, mario socker, skylanders, the normal mario bros, donkey kong, mario kart and wii sports. I wished I could relive those moment but I don't have a nintendo switch so that ain't gonna happen. Biggest regret of my live. Also where is skylanders? It deserves to be here.


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