Top 10 Wii Platform Games – The Wii 100


Nintendo Enthusiast lists its top 10 picks for Wii platform games on our latest series: The Wii 100. The Wii 100 will highlight 100 of our top Wii game picks. Check out the other episodes Theme song composed by @Esseph_ @NINTENthusiast .



  1. Not even one comment of criticism on ANY of these games?? You make out that these games are completely flawless. This ruins your credibility, how can we trust your opinion if you cannot be objective and honest about these games? Please keep this in mind for future reviews.

  2. Nice video, but why are you completely ignoring the fact that Kirby and Wario games were not challenging in the slightest?
    Effectively making these games for either young children, or novice gamers. This is a HUGE problem and totally ruins the experience of these games. No challenge? No fun.
    Please get back to me, I would love to hear your justification for not mentioning this issue.

  3. I brought out back my wii out and put beside my ps4 so that my daughter can play it instead of the ps4. Its been her first time playing wii ^_^ and we are having a blast.

  4. i hate to put this out there but why didnt you just put the kirby games together i mean it does not work right in top ten fps you put resident evil together there should not be basically the two same titles in a top ten list unless you count them as one

  5. I have got to get new supermario brothers wii that's definitely the one thank you I have the DS version but this should be better and I love all supermario games so it's a no brainer

  6. I'm getting a Snes a GameCube and a wii on the 28th of this month and one game per system so I hope you're right about your game reviews I'm taking your advise so it better be good

  7. HeyNintendo Enthusiast

    Super "Nintendo Wii" video 🙂 I love my Wii 🙂 I like all the games but there are many more good Wii games 🙂

    Best regards and Thumb,


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