Top 10 Wii Sport Games – The Wii 100


Nintendo Enthusiast lists its top 10 picks for Wii Sport games from our latest series: The Wii 100. The Wii 100 will highlight 100 of our top Wii game picks. Check out the other episodes! Theme song composed by @Esseph_ Edited by @Jake_WK @NINTENthusiast .



  1. darn im looking for a game with on the the case it shows a kid with a green striped shirt well his cheeks were pink with a fence with tons of kids cheering for him in the background please tell me the name to it

  2. I agree with some of these comments; racing games should be their own subcategory of sports or maybe their own category all together. Wii had a good amount of racing games, so you could have easily done a top ten of just that.

  3. Ow my fucking god when I was yunger about 7 to 10 I loved mario kart wii untel someone stole are wii when we were in the house we ran and did not see how did it but when we came back it was gone

  4. Great list but Mario Kart Wii and Excitebots are racing games not sports games. I would put PES 2010 and Grand Slam Tennis in place of those games. Mario Kart Wii and Excitebots need to be in the racing genera which you don't have one of. Remember Racing is considered a separate genera of gaming in general. I know racing can be considered a sport, but in video games it has it's own genera.

  5. Grand Slam Tennis was fantastic, it took the wii sports tennis model to the next level. It really needed to make the list. I place it equal with EA's golf games as the pinnacles of their genres to this day.

  6. Love the lists, they're great suggestions for people with a wii since so many of these games are on the cheap. Anybody else go to chicago comicon?


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