Top 10 Worst Games of 2021


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  1. Imagine being the person who named his own game and being completely wrong. That game was just begging to be called Balan Wonderland, but they couldn't even get that right…

  2. Sam Procrastinates would agree with you that Balan Wonderworld should have been called Balan Wonderland because it's a better name.

    If you want to play a good game that is similar to this, just play the NiGHTs series or any good 3D Sonic game like the Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 games, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colors or Sonic Unleashed.

  3. Balan wonderworld is really a tragic story. If you read the book explaining what is going on in the game everything makes so much sense and you can see the half-decent story they were trying to tell and completely and utterly forgot to actually put into the game. You don’t know what’s going on because, literally, the plot stayed on the paper.

  4. i will just say this. the gta trilogy gets a bad rep , yes it was released in an undercooked stat but many of the glitches where from the original game. the main reason it doesnt belong on these type of lists is rockstar have fixed many many many of the problems it had on release and fixed them pretty quickly

  5. played two games from start to end this last year… the rest were either too boring for me to bother launching the game again or too broken and i didn't want to be a free QA tester. it would have been blue balls all the way for a new GPU if it weren't for the damn crypto miners taking all the GPU followed by a well timed chip shortage that is going to last years.

  6. Balan Wonder"land" is a truly surreal experience
    Not because of the game, its absolutely terrible, but the book that came out a month after the games release that gives dialogue to all the characters and explains EVERYTHING in the games story. Give the game itself a skip its not worth it, but if you can track down the book, you can have a good understanding of why the characters, stages, and bosses are shown and presented this way.


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