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  1. Playing me some video games yeah I'm so cool from PS2 Xbox and game Cube all the way back to the super NES and the NES . yeah I'm no tool when it comes to me rapping doing my thing when it comes to the games I'm down to swing for a game of tiger woods PGA tour which one will that choose oh wait I know 2004 Mario Bros paper Mario the $1,000-year door to Mario golf toaster tour to plan Tony hawk doing lots of kick flips doing always a manuals and other tricks to playing Grand theft Auto and picking up chicks to run people over with my car and go on somewhere far and myself or have myself a jet pack and I'm stealing it and I got so many bars so dope you know I'll be revealing it playing donkey Kong on the NES yeah you know I'm going to do my best stomping on people stopping on Bros getting to the top it's how it goes playing contrast or running gun shooting waves enemies on sideshow and son taking out the alien bosses and watching out for the red beans they look like dots but Im sure you know what I mean really like to play uncharted cuz of the beautiful environment won't stop playing video games till my 65 and ready for retirement

  2. I mean if you think about it I don't know too many areas that have a non-strict police dress code thus I'm thinking that these cops must be off duty cops or here's another scenario maybe they're undercover cops and that's why they're technically not in their uniforms as well but again you're right there's no way to tell if their cops are not because even an undercover cop usually has their badge on them and these guys don't have their badges on them.

  3. 6:50, the editing, pitch, inflection, everything about right here is just like JonTron's style from the exact era Jon made his Atlantis video. I wonder if it was an accident or a purposeful callback to one of his old friend's styles that few would notice

  4. I had MC Groovz Dance Craze, hoping it was a true DDR experience for GameCube. Boy, was I wrong… Some good soundtrack but what else?… Too bad I got tired of DDR, when Mario Mix came out…


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