Top 10 WORST Wii Games Of 2012 I Reviewed


The Wiiviewer looks back and decides which were the 10 worst games it reviewed in 2012.



  1. Actually, in the JAWS movie the shark was suppose to jump on the boat and break it in half (leading up to Quint's death), but they soon found out that something like that was pretty much impossible for a giant, one-ton, mechanical shark… Glad they didn't end up doing that.

  2. heres 15-11 15.wipeout 3 14.frogger hyper arcade edition 13. disney universe 12. disney princess my fairytale adventure 11.cartoon network punchtime exploson xd

  3. A few games I consider average for the wii, are Mario Party 8/9, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Mario Super Sluggers and Donkey Kong Jet Race (?), games I consider bad are half the First Person Shooters, every game named Party, and the Movie licensed games, such as Hulk, IronMan and Spiderman games, but if there is one game that just sucks, so bad it hurts, it has to be the MySims series, both on Wii and DS, I played them hoping to have fun, and man… I regret paying for that !

  4. I know it is a fucking video game series. But you play as the minimum of 1 character, and the NPC's aren't even video game characters, and kingdom hearts contains a small plot/story in each world you visit, which are not games. The game I am thinking of is that you can visit five for more video games, each of them has a plot with both world wandering and the stuff you are meant to do in that game (EG platforming), wile using one of the correct characters in the game.

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