TOP 100+ HORROR Games on Nintendo Switch – THE ULTIMATE A-Z Halloween list guide!


In this list of the best horror games for Nintendo Switch, we have over 100 best horror games to choose from this Halloween on your Nintendo Switch. Want to scare this Halloween? Then check out our top 100 horror games you can buy on Switch for your Halloween horror fix! *** 5% DISCOUNT ON YOUR ORDER *** ➡️ Use our link (If you don’t, it does not support us) ➡️ Use Coupon: SWITCHWATCHTV Blair Witch Standard Edition: 2VB6R6L ​​Collector’s Edition: Distraint Collection Standard Limited: Fatal Frame (English update available November 30 ) Japan: https: // bit .ly / 2T00snx Asia: HK: 00:00 Intro 00:29 Alien Isolation 03:46 Blair Witch 07: 19 Darkwood 07:50 Dead By Daylight 09:48 Death Mark 15:39 Friday 13 17:25 Hello Neighbor 22:10 Little Nightmares II 31:46 Resident Evil 43:59 Zombie Army Trilogy 45:19 End already, go. similar and comment on the horror games you are going to play this Halloween! Thanks to Joel Parker for helping to compile this list and to all observers, members and subscribers. Thanks for all your support. For more lists like this, check out our Ultimate list guide! If you’re looking for a place to get the latest Switch reviews and news, consider subscribing – we appreciate feedback too, so let us know. know what you think! We have created an Amazon page where you can browse the games and accessories that we have reviewed and recommended. Any purchase from this link gives us a small fee which we reinvest in the chain – it means a lot to us if you use it! ************* Follow us on social media *************** ********* ******* Twitter: Instagram: switchwatchtv Facebook: Website: https: // Thank you very much from the SwitchWatch Team – James, Juan and Jordan.



  1. This is the BIG ONE. Another Monster list for you ladies and gentleman! We hope you enjoy this Horror special just before Halloween! Let us know the games you will be playing this Halloween! If you enjoy this video, we would be horrified ? if you didn't leave a ?. These take a lot of work so we appreciate the support. Thank you to Jordan and Joel for their help on this beast!

  2. What a deep and comprehensive list. You guys seriously put in so much work. Happy Halloween, everyone! ?????? (also, some horror/horror-like games I recommend: The Persistence, Paratopic, Blood Breed, Doom 3, Fatum Betulla, Phantaruk, The Long Reach, Heaven Dust, Little Nightmares 2, Earthworms, Ailment, Alien Isolation, Little Misfortune and of course the Resident Evil series).

  3. Can you guys do a video on the Match Version with local users feature that the Switch has? There's next to no information about it and more people should know about it.

  4. A bit of a warning – the Remothered games are good, especially the first one, but the Switch ports are positively awful. The second was possibly the worst port on the system at launch.

    Also I think it may be confusing to some with the way you guys listen them but you definitely need to play Tormented Fathers before Broken Porcelain. Really recommend these games just not on switch.


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