Top 11 New REALISTIC Tactical Shooters in UNREAL ENGINE 5 coming out in 2023 & 2024 | PS5 Xbox X PC


Check out a look at 11 absolutely AMAZING upcoming action tactical shooters with REALISTIC GRAPHICS, from FPS to tactical horror shooter and much more! These games look awesome.

00:00 Intro
00:05 Gray Zone Warfare
01:03 Covert Ultra
02:15 Contain
03:16 Pine Harbor
04:32 Beautiful Light
06:00 Bodycam FPS
07:35 Operator
08:49 Wraith
10:47 Transience
12:06 Agent 64
14:00 Lost Fragment
14:48 Shell Soldier
15:55 Outro

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  1. I hope you found at least ONE game you didn't know about in this video! 🙂 If you did, please make sure you support it and give a LIKE! Any kind of support is appreciated! ????????

  2. Anyone else frustrated when new upcoming fps games for console only!! And every video shows 10 games with 8 pc only? That tells me the future looks bleak for next generation again this year. If YouTube content creators can’t put out a lineup of upcoming fps games just for console well obviously developers ain’t making um enough!! This has to be the slowest output of good or great games to play years after the launch of a new and more powerful system that I can remember and I have just about every console since Nintendo. Inflation and cutbacks I hear is to blame but who knows!!

  3. Come on with gta 6 and a new red dead redemption because anything coming out this year from what I can gather is pc titles. Everything for console is zombies futuristic has magic in it or horror!! Man do I miss all the fps titles back in the day you could choose from!! I want realistic games or FPS tactical and long as possible campaign modes. I’m sick of all the run and gun sliding 10 bullets to kill trash.

  4. I really enjoyed insurgency sandstorm but there's nothing to play for, there's nothing to unlock and no challenges. Great game at it's core, just needs something to work towards.

  5. Gray zone.. your red dots look like paper tubes. There should be almost no "tunnel" effect when you look through it. Also, the gun should be completely out of focus.

  6. Gray Zone Warfare.. I don't trust it, let hell loose was like that in the adverts too, but the real game was full of green, blue dots and even orange rubbish, there's not even that much rubbish on the screen in HALO!


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