Top 15 NEW Indie Games Still Coming in 2021


While 2021 has already brought us a lot of amazing indie games, and truth be told, a lot of understandable delays, here are our Top 15 Best New Upcoming Indie Games Already Announced That Could Still Happen In 2021 And We’re Looking Forward To. – SUPPORT AND FOLLOW US: ? Subscribe for more: ? Join us to help Get Indie Gaming grow and receive benefits! : ? Twitter: ? Instagram: – OUR FAVORITE GEAR: ? – Top 15 NEW indie games possibly still coming in 2021 00:00 – Intro 00:36 – Disclaimer of The Last Night 00:49 – 15:12 Minutes: 02:20 – 14: Harold Halibut: https://store. 924750/Harold_Halibut/ 03:16 – 13: Unboxing: 03:48 – 12: Toem: https://store.steampowered. com/app/1307580/ TOEM/ 04:22 – 11: Cris Tales: 05:17 – 10: Axiom Verge 2: https://www.axiomverge2 .com 06:02 – 9: Dead Static Drive: 06:41 – 8: Chicory: A Colorful Tale: app/1123450/Chicory_A_Colorful_Tale/ 08:02 – 7: Venba: 08:46 – 6: Deat h Trash: 09:29 – 5: Sand: 10:35 – 4: Tunic : 11:55 – 3: Eastward: 12:46 – 2: Dordogne: 13:57 – 1: Hollow Knight: Silksong: .



  1. So far 2021 has been, despite the delays, already a brilliant year for new indie games. In this video, we count down the (mostly) well-known indie games we think are still coming out this year that we're most looking forward to playing. Wonder how many of these will slip into 2022 and beyond?

  2. why not actually talk about the gameplay instead of just saying how long the games are being in development. idgaf when they started announcing it, i want to know what the game is about.
    You didn’t say anything on this Harold Halibut game

  3. Why would you compare Tunic to Bloodborne of all things when there's so many closer fitting examples including the most obvious influence the game has…ZELDA. You know, the one with little elf with the sword and the isometric combat and red hearts and oh yeah don't forget his green TUNIC.

  4. Looking forward to Axiom Verge 2 and Eastword which i think might get a Switch release? Not sure. Also, the term pixel art is overused and overrated. They're just pixels and that works fine enough.


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