Top 17 Nintendo Switch Games Coming in 2021


Follow me on Twitter – Support Channel on Patreon – Music by Heatly Bros – Qa1D5pibGnE & ab_channel = HeatleyBros-RoyaltyFreeVideoGameMusic Nintendo Switch has quickly become one of my favorite Nintendo platforms, and 2021 just might be the BEST year yet for the Nintendo Switch. Here is a list of the Top 17 of the next Nintendo Switch games in 2021. Enjoy! nintendo switch switch games new games nintendo switch games 2021 switch games best switch games top 10 switch games.



  1. I just watched 3 of your game lists in a row. 2 game pass lists and this Switch list, and it's easy to see you have a thing for turn based RPG's, metro mania games, and side scroller games (beat em ups and metro mania). Not always my favorite genres but you point out the best ones for sure! great lists Jaywood2010

  2. really want to see more games ported to the Switch. would also like some games either remastered or remade. would love to see Skyword Sword put on switch with regular controls. hated swinging the nun chucks on the wii and my wii died before I could finish most of the game.

  3. Ummm… Everyone hold up. It isn't a question that Super Mario Odyssey is the number 1 game of all time. How is Odyssey 2 not on this list? What the heck?!

  4. I came in here thinking that the list was going to be trash I was pressingly surprised it was not like I said I was going to keep an open mind and I'm glad I did

  5. I really like these games there's a lot of games I want to play on my Nintendo switchyou really changed my mind I honestly you did about the Nintendo switchand I'm a very honest person if I don't like something I don't like it you will never give me to change my mind about PlayStation

  6. Other than a few games I don't want to playthis game really changed my mind about the Nintendo switch I'm really starting to like it you won't hear me rag about the Nintendo switch anymoreI mean I might talk about a few games that I don't like but I'm really starting to like the system because it is list

  7. Shimogami tensei hopefully I said that right the game looks good maybe I was a little bit too harsh on the Nintendo switch there was no games I really like but a few this list is really starting to change my mind

  8. This list I might change my mind about the switch first I didn't really like the Nintendo switch I thought it was okay but this list seems like the games is getting better the past games there was only a few Nintendo games that I liked but I don't know this list is pretty good this list might have me sold on me like in the Nintendo switch better I'm really liking this list except for little nightmares too I'm playing that on my Xbox

  9. I don't know I don't like tactical games but disgaea it looks pretty good I don't know I'm still kind of on a fence with this one though I don't like no tactical games

  10. Little nightmares too forget it I'm getting out on my Xbox you know that's not exclusive for the Nintendo switch I'm going to pre-order it soon as I get my check anything that's a third party game I'd rather get it on my XBox if I can I love getting achievements little nightmares 2 I'm playing that right on my Xbox I'm not playing around I'm pre-ordering that game right away right on my Xbox I cannot wait to play little nightmares too little nightmares is the game ??? I can't wait to play it I'm not buying this game on my Nintendo switch

  11. Bravely default looks better than that other game this looks way better Chris tails looks like trash bravely default I really like the way this game looks this is my kind of game maybe this list trash after all


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