Top 20 OFFLINE Shooter (FPS/TPS) Android, iOS Games 2022!


new best offline shooting games (first person shooter/third person sholter/top down shooter) for Android and iPhone 2022 | vinishere my discord server:- all new offline shooting games so far! hope you find something good to play 🙂 here are games name and links :- 1) tiny :- android- .kapsicus.tiny ios 2)netlooter:- android- 3)team six:- android- .com/store/apps/details?id=com.devmarus.teamsix ios- 4)miss bullet:-android-https :// ios- 5)weapons and dungeons:- android- =com.miniclip.gunanddungeons ios- 6) battle master :-:- android- apps/details?id=com .alfabravo.combatmaster ios- 7) dirty revolver:- android- store/apps/details?id=com.dreambox.rustyrevolver ios-htt ps:// 079942 8) velocity Rush z: – Android: – VelocityRushZ ios – 9) Burning Dead: – android-https://play. ios- 10) infinite tanks ww2:- android-https://play ios- 11)crismom wheels:- android-https:/ / ios- 12)invention 3 – zombie survival:- android- ?id=com.polarstudio.invention3 13)sniper game | ww2:- android- 14)special forces squad 3:- coming soon 12)dawn of dead:- android – ios- 13) titans glory:- android- id=com.atypicalgames.titanglory ios- 14) zombie virus:- android- details?id=com.hunter.zombie ios-15)milicola:-android- ios- . com/app/milicola-the-lord-of-soda/id1566254858 16)pipehead story:- android- ios – 17) metal slug 5 aca neo geo:- android- ios- metal-slug-5-aca-neogeo/id1591192160 18)dino teror 2:-android- ios-https://apps 19) pure sniper :- android- .realsniper ios- of demons :- androidplay (edit it’s out):-https://play additional:- 21)Gunfire reborn:- game is available for you pre-register on Playstore/Appstore, because the game is era premium and has both single player and multiplayer mode, there is a good chance that the game will be offline. Thank you for watching! Check my other videos, you will find lots of games of your type to play. .



  1. I wonder why theres still thousands of people in you Vin, im gonna be honest ive lost my interest on your channel. Im Chilli, Fridet whatever if you still can recall it then congratulations. Your repeating half of the games you provide in a video, they are legit yet its cycling over and over. In your old videos, its all different. Theres less repeated games, nowadays you are repeating it over and over..and if your gonna make a reason and its "I upload them again because theres a new update" i tell you that not all games update that frequently, like just after 3 days of the update another one comes like what logic is even that? And you people, VinIsHere's diehards dont try to hate or get mad at me, this is my opinion. If you dont like it and your just gonna reply to me and be a bad dog, then ignore it. Easy. But do whatever you want im done with this channel anyways, perhaps the likes is just bunch of bots? Vin do you still think your channel can keep up? And the description is glitched. The lower side doesnt show anything other than the trailers something. Well you wont even bother reading this comment so its pointless, but people will think of it. And if you have read this, then i suggest you changing how you upload. You know the reason why, dont ask again.

  2. Umm… Combat Master is not offline. It’s only online. People say it’s supposed to be the new Call Of Duty game or like it. The game is absolutely terrible. Nothing like COD. Trust me I played it. Not worth playing or purchasing anything in the game. Just a waste.


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