Top 25 Best FPS Games of 2002


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  1. I loved playing agent under fire…but rough cycling through weapons to get to the one you wanted but still super fun. First game I played that had bots for multiplayer

  2. Video games not in the list
    Sum of All Fears Rainbow six mod
    Revolution game
    Gore – Ultimate Soldier
    Ethnic Cleansing
    Elite Forces – Navy SEALs
    Command & Conquer – Renegade (PC)

  3. When you mentioned there was a second MOH game on the list I could’ve sworn you were going to mention Rising Sun.

    Edit: also the entire Time Splitters series is backwards compatible on Xbox Series X.

  4. Agent under fire was one of the few games that I kept playing even into the Xbox One Era. Something about wanting to Speedrun and perfect each level just kept me interested.


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