Top 25 Best Pixel-Art Games for iPhone/iPad & Android 2021 (OFFline/Online)


If you are looking for a good Android and iOS game, you have come to the right place. There are many video games in this video that will keep you entertained. Here are 25 Best Pixel-Art Games for Android and iOS Games 2021! If you’re looking for a good game to play, check out these ? ? 15 Best New Android and iPhone/iPad Games 2021 [OFFline/ONline]
➡️ ⚔️ Top 15 Upcoming Games for Android and iOS 2021/22 #2 ➡️ ? Top 25 Best Android and iOS Games with Support for controller 2021 ➡️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harvest Town Stamina Endurance Guardian Tales https: // Fury Survivor: Pixel Z https://apps Slime Labs /us/app/slime-labs/id1544662343 D elemental dungeon XIBALBA Android:- https: // Mousebusters /mousebusters/id1502065641 Coromon Dark Raider .com/store/apps/details? THE SURVIVORS Apple Arcade Oceanhorn: Chronos Dungeon Apple Arcade Otherworld Legends https :// Rowdy City Wrestling .com/app/rowdy-city-wrestling/id1525016718 Dentures and Demons 2 /developer/stefano-mazzotta/id1546727173 Tiny Tomb: Dungeon Explorer tomb-dungeon-explorer/id1463157805 King Crusher rusher com/app/king-crusher-roguelike-game/id1394104532 Sprint RPG sprint-rpg/id1277023608 Apple Knight Battle Racing stars 9 dead cells https: // Forager /store/apps/details?id=com.humblebundle.forager INPLUS Apple Arcade Moonlighter https: // Stardew Valley https://apps.



  1. If inmost could've just been available on Android, it would be the best thing ever. Also, dead cells, inmost, forager, moonlighter and guardian tales are the only ones worth checking out here

  2. If you love pixel games then you'll 100% love guardian tales. The story is unique, the community is not toxic, lots of waifu and just overall amazing. Totally recommend it. I've been playing it for 4 months now and still not bored yet

  3. These are the best of the best games that ive ever played in my whole 3 decades of life.
    Ragnarok online – pc
    Exit Fate – rpg maker pc
    Last scenario – rpg maker pc
    Homework Salesman – rpg maker pc
    Tales of the drunken paladin – rpg maker pc
    Suikoden 1 and 2 – ps1
    Stardew valley
    Bitlife – mobile

  4. Alguien por aquí conocerá un juego de Android(yo lo juegue en Android no sé si habrá salido en otra plataforma).
    Era estilo pixel art de puzzles, lo único que recuerdo es una parte en la que encuentras unas ranas que cantan una melodía, y se la tengo que canta a un mounstro y si no es la correcta te mata.

    Lo he buscado por mucho tiempo y no lo encuentro ni recuerdo el nombre si alguien sabe cuál es se los agradecería


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