Top 25 BEST Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games – 2021


I absolutely adore the pixel art used in indie games, so here’s a look at 25 upcoming titles that I’m pretty sure will launch by 2021! 00:00 ► Start 00:20 ► #25 Fallen Leaf: 00:54 ► #24 Wind Runners: /1101370/Wind_Runners/ 02:22 ► #23 ANNO: Mutationem: 03:19 ► #22 Coromon: /1218210/Coromon/ 04:14 ► #21 Garden Story: 04:42 ► #20 Steel Assault: /1280300/Steel_Assault/ 05:43 ► #19 Backbone: 06:29 ► #18 Iron Vulture: 968770/Iron_Vulture/ 07:21 ► #17 Death Trash: 08:21 ► #16 Voidigo: /Voidigo/ 09:42 ► #15 Bushiden: 10:33 ► #14 Everhood: / 11:51 ► #13 R angok Skies: 12:45 ► #12 Chinatown Detective Agency: 14: 10 ► #11 Black Skylands: 15:23 ► #10 NYKRA: 16:56 ► #9 Gastova: Witches of Arkana: 18:07 ► #8 Dwerve: / 7:43 PM ► #7 Potion Permit: 8:32 PM ► #6 The Unliving: / 9:39 PM ► #5: 10:35 PM ► #4: 11:41 PM ► #3: 25:35 ► #2: 26:5 5 ► #1: —-SUBSCRIPTIONS AND MERCH—- ?Patreon► ?Merch Store► ▶️YouTube Channel Membership► ——– PLAYLISTS ?Best indie games of all time: https://www. ?Upcoming Indie Games: ?Indie Pixel Art Games: list=PLJERKFsvP1WVjy5xOIqIuT57oAyGr-0Ip ?Metroidvania Indie Games: PLJERKFsvP1WUi3IbpjXU9tfjcwLbbnXn0 ?Jeux independent platform for action: ?Jeux independent type Zelda: XOlbqB5Yg ?Souls-like Indie Games: ?Monster Taming Indie Games: ?Tactics Indie Games: OTHER SUPPORT LINKS ?Amazon► (all purchases after clicking this link will support me!) ?️ Game Store► ?Humble Partner ► ☕Buy me a cup of coffee! ► ?Epic Games Store Referral Code ►CLEMMYGAMES SOCIAL LINKS ?Twitter ► ?Discord► ?Steam Group ► ?️Steam Curation ► INTRODUCTION I’m Clément, nice to meet you! I have a passion for indie games because of how fun, creative and OUT OF THIS WORLD they can be, so this channel helps spread the word about the best indie games. Feel free to contact me via Twitter/email for comments, requests, or just to make a human connection and I’ll do my best to get back to you. PS: Most of the links above are related to an affiliate program where I get a percentage of the sales, so please support the channel. #BestIndieGames #indiegames #ClemmyGames .



  1. Black Skyland looks terrible
    It's just a Hotline Miami ripoff. Also there is point for its blood. Its artstyle & violence don't bend nor does it look like its using it for mature storytelling or artistic choice that has meaning. It's just blood for the sake of blood.

  2. I played the demo for ANNO: Mutationem yesterday, as it’s back on Steam again until the 13th. Putting aside the lack of polish, and humorous dialogue translations, I was quite impressed by the content on display. Skill Up recently mentioned the game in a video he did about upcoming indies, and I agree with him that the combat on its own wasn’t nothing particularly impressive, but everything else about it otherwise has me keen on giving the full game a try.

    I searched up some old videos and screenshots, and I noticed that each time they were showcasing the game they had a completely new location on display – sometimes multiple. I find myself wondering (though I know I shouldn’t, because going in with expectations is setting yourself up to be disappointed) if ANNO: Mutationem might turn out to be another CrossCode, where the game offers a high-quality experience with a ton of content, yet somehow remains a fairly quiet success. Because despite a couple of the trailers, I’ve heard almost nobody talking about this game, and that’s kind of a surprise to me.


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