Top 25 INSANE Medium Spec PC Games with BEST GRAPHICS


Hey guys this video includes the best Mid Spec PC games from different genres like FPS, Open World, Fighting, Racing, Stealth and many more that you can play on your PC and Laptop during this lockdown! THANKS FOR LOOKING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE !!! TOP 10 Mid Spec PC Games | PART 1 TOP 10 Mid Spec PC Games | PART 2 Outro by Far Cry 3 Gameplay by Feel free to ask questions . #MidSpec #TheLastofUs # Spider-Man TAGS: top 10 superhero games, best pc games ever, mafia 2 remastered, crysis remastered, best low end pc games, best 2gb pc games, pc games for intel hd graphics, top 10 pc games for 512mb graphics, top 10 best games for 4gb ram, 100 low spec pc games, 10 best pc games, 100 best low spec games, assassins creed valhalla, best game low spec pc, saints row 3 remastered, call of duty remastered, call of duty modern warfare, games to play locked, the last of us 2, spider-man moral miles



  1. Hi, thanks for this video. I am new into pc gaming ?. I only play games occassionally. I have hp 15s du3032tu. 8gb single channel ram, i5 11th gen processor with iris xe igpu (NO dedicated graphics card !) and no ssd only 1 tb hdd for now. Will these games run at playable fps in my laptop ?? Thanks in advance.

  2. Those who wanted to play Uncharted 4 but don't have psp just like me I will suggest them to play Tomb raider, Rise of the tomb raider , Shadow of the Tomb raider
    Really they are not less than uncharted games now iam playing them Really I liked them soo much same experience as like uncharted games…unique story , unexpected twists , puzzles(I think not that much) Those who only wanted uncharted just wait for some days they will launch it in PC's…


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