This is my list of 25 JRPGs that are available on both the PS4 and Switch, all of them definitely a MUST-PLAY!
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  1. not gonna be popular opinion but I don't think Valkyria 4 deserve to be on this list.
    like, there's many other game like Zelda BOW, Zelda TOTK, Xenoblade series, etc…

    antagonistsin valkyria 4, IMO is very poorly written. they don't have substance and feels very one dimensional as character.
    like why do the traitor (forgot his name) turn traitor again? iirc he knows the valkyira kid he want to save is a fucking core to the subs (I forgot if he already knew they're also atomic bomb "core") and still attacks with full force leading to one Subs to self destruct. in other words, some kid dead. that other kid could be the kid he want to save, what the heck!
    tank commander boss and Valkyria boss are kinda out of place too IMO. it's like watching soap opera unfolding.
    the mad scientist is just being mad scientist.

    Only saving grace is gameplay that they polish over time. grenadier in 4th is too OP though. Kinda like that playable character can die for real in 4th though. got 2 death by the end of my play.

    I haven't played 1st yet (installed, just need to find the motivation to), but 2nd and 3rd has much better story, moral, and antagonist than 4th even with their weakness (2nd game is too grindy and don't even mention class up system grind. 3rd I can't find fault except it never go west and only have English fan translation to cope with).

    anyway, thanks for making the list, will surely try out some of them.

  2. Definitely loved Persona 4 Golden as I never played Golden before, was not a fan of the PS4 remake of Persona 3 as I hadn't read any reviews beforehand and didn't realize it wasn't a remake of the PS2 version

  3. When he said God Eater is better than Monster Hunter, I knew he was a bad reviewer. God Eater is fun but lacks the polished gameplay and originality that MH has. MH is the OG and nothing has come close to being even half as good.

  4. P5R also has a PS5 version. It's more than just the frame rate that's changed: some of the "shots" are "reframed," there are better visual effects in some places, the sound is noticeably punched up, and so on.

    It's worth the price, really, even if, like, you've sunk a couple hundred hours into the PS4 version. It's like seeing a favorite movie in an art house theater, after only watching it on home media for years. It's a different experience, and you'll understand when you experience it.

  5. Surprised you listed the Diofield Chronicle… it got terrible reviews. I had a preorder of the collector's edition, and as soon as I saw some of the reviews, I canceled it. No regrets there… I tried the demo and didn't much care for it.

    Otherwise, almost all the games I would have included are on your list with a few exceptions.

    "No teenagers here fighting god with the power of friendship."


    Does it at least have fishing and does the boss have three final forms?
    If not, is it even technically allowed to call itself a JRPG?

  6. I own 23 of the 25. I'm missing Fuga and Redemption Reapers (which I've never even heard of before this video).

    Excellent list, although I would have found a way to squeeze the Final Fantasy games on there, VII through XII.

  7. God, so much human-sue syndrome. RPGs should be a chance to have these diverse, likeable rosters, and to see only a couple of games on this list having characters beyond generic humans, or plots that are deeper than Save ONLY Humanity From "Evil" is depressing.


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