Top 25 Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time | 2021


Follow me on Twitter – Support Channel on Patreon – Music by GameChops (Poke & Chill Ending Theme) – com /watch?v=2DVpys50LVE&ab_channel=GameChops Nintendo 3DS production has officially ended and repairs are nearing completion for the original 3DS. However, it has been a great console, so today we are going to revisit the Top 25 Best 3DS Games. Hope you enjoy! nintendo 3ds 2021 3ds games jaywood2010 best nintendo 3ds games.



  1. PINNED COMMENT: I didnt make it clear in the video, but all of the mainline pokemon games are combined in the same spot even though i list XY. XY stood out to me the most for the 3DS but ORAS and Sun and Moon are equally deserving. Id also highly recommend playing older Pokemon games via Backwards Compatibility and Virtual Console

  2. I sold all my 3DS consoles because a dude offered me a really good price for them. I was kind of regretting that decision until I started using the CITRA emulator on my PC. It works brilliantly and you can upsale the resolution to 1080p or more. Bravely Default looks like a damn WiiU game.

  3. Other great games I love is ace combat Legacy +, Shovel Knight, Captain Toad, and even RE Revelations and Xenoblade and minecraft were really neat on the new consoles

  4. I find it funny that every “top” Nintendo list has some type of Zelda game on it. They are great games, but they are not the best games by far. They are so over rated and over hyped.

  5. I actually sold my switch because I just found it sitting forever, every port I wanted to play on it I could play on PC. But my 3ds, I just can't put down. So many great titles and such a unique way of playing

  6. i'd highly recommend the Yo-Kai Watch series. I've only played bony spirits (which is the 2nd entry on the series) but i'm also planning on getting the other 2 left. I really enjoyed it and i think it's a must-have if you own a 3DS!

  7. The 3DS XL is the best system Nintendo has ever made. Most innovative console with features that weren't even fully explored and utilized by most games (especially Augmented Reality). I have most of the Nintendo consoles, but this one is the one I play the most. It's the only thing that I've been able to see steroscopic 3D on thanks to it being glasses free. This way, I can wear my prescription glasses that help me see better and still see the 3D. Without my glasses, things look blurry and I struggle to keep things from going double vision. The 3D feature of the 3DS actually works and is almost a miracle of modern tech. I was so disappointed that the Switch doesn't have it. That, and the tiny, flimsy controls keep me from wanting a Switch. Yes, the Switch has the best graphics card of any Nintendo, but I can play most of the games showing up on the Switch elsewhere, like my PC.

    I love the Kirby games on the 3DS exactly because they aren't super hard. I don't have the world's best reflexes, so the games that some people say are 'too easy' are actually more playable for me. I love Kirby and Yoshi because of their cute looks and especially because of their gameplay mechanics. Two of the most innovative and fun platformer mascots ever created.

    Pushmo is certainly a great platformer. It's underrated for sure.

    The best Mario game ever, especially on the 3DS, is Super Mario Maker. I love it because I can make my own Mario games and make the levels playable for me and my ability. I can make them as easy or hard as I like. I've got some levels that I've made for my wife, who doesn't have my vision and reflexes limitations, that are a tough challenge for her, while having other levels that I find interesting without being too hard for me. I've always loved level editors in PC games, so being able to do this with Mario is amazing!

    Bravely Default and its sequel are great to see as turn-based RPGs are my favorite kind of RPGs. They focus on story and strategy rather than seeing how fast you can hit buttons. Very fun games that I hope they keep making.

    Kid Icarus is a cool character who Nintendo really should use more, I agree.

    I love the Zelda games: the music, the characters, the classic story – but I always wind up getting stuck. I need to use level guides to get through them. Link Between Worlds is very cool and worth continuing to work on trying to figure out because the parts of the world that I manage to unlock are worth revisiting again and again. I also love that the Virtual Console feature makes original Zelda and its sequels easier by letting you save before trying things again that have killed Link for you in the past. The built in save function for these games isn't as handy.

    The 3D Classics line of games for the 3DS is great too as you get to play great games like Kirby, Xevious, etc. as well as the Sega Classics 3D series with Sonic 1 & 2, Space Harrier etc. The 3D effect works well in these games. It actually makes Xevious and the other SHUMP games that they did easier and more fun to play as it gives the game depth and helps you see that you are flying over the map. The options in the Sega 3D games are cool too like level select, Japanese or International localizations, save points (the only way I can continue to progress in many of these games – I've seen levels in these games that I've never seen at the arcades or on their original consoles), visual adjustments etc. Even the Mega Man 3D Collection is fun as it make Mega Man a bit more playable for me. I've had a love/hate relationship with Mega Man for years as the games have wonderful designs and music but way too difficult platforming. Being able to map the controls differently on the 3DS makes them a bit easier for me to make Mega Man jump and shoot at the same time which is impossible for me to execute with the original controls layout. These games weren't originally programmed for the 3DS, but the teams who worked on them sure did a good job of remastering them so that they play very well on the system.

  8. Have 2 new 3ds’s (white and black), and just decided to hack one of them and also have a R4 card on it with tons of DS games. Currently playing the heck out of it

  9. When I was growing up I had my 3Ds with me anywhere I went and played it all day and I’m coming back to the nostalgia and preparing to but one and looking for some games for it

  10. Should I buy a New 3ds a PSP or a Switch? I'm Interesses in Games of both Platforms but I'm low on Money. I think Switch Games are better but They are too expensive

  11. The 3ds gimmick never took off so just play an emulator even more if you are not even modding the 3ds. if ppl really selling it over 150 bucks not worth it, on the portability side just get switch.


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