Top 25 PlayStation Vita Games of All Time | 2021


Follow me on Twitter – Support Channel on Patreon – Music by Heatly Bros – 8El8ZP8LMFE Timestamps With the PlayStation Vita Store closing in 2021, I thought now would be a good time to revisit some of the best Vita games available. You might want to pick up some of these games digitally before they’re gone forever. Enjoy! ps vita 2021 best ps vita games 2021 vita store closed top 10 vita games 2021 top 25 vita games 2021.



  1. Legacy Games that you might want to get on the Vita before the Digital Store Closes. I'll probably forget a lot of games so comment below and give your recommendations as well.

    PS1 Games

    Final Fantasy 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, Tactics
    Dino Crisis 1 & 2
    Parasite Eve 1 & 2
    Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
    Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Cross
    Metal Gear Solid
    Castlevania SoTN
    Syphon Filter
    Breath of Fire 3 & 4
    Legend of Dragoon
    Vagrant Story
    Suikoden II


    Ratchet and Clank Size Matters
    Jeanne d'Arc
    God of War Chains of Olympus
    God of War Ghost of Sparta
    Persona 2 Innocent Sin
    Tactics Ogre
    Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky 1 & 2
    Persona 3
    Resistance Retribution
    Killzone Liberation
    Ape Escape On the Loose
    Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness

  2. Parasite Eve 1 and 2 is still on PS Vita store, it's NOT on the category list for some reasons. You have to TYPE in the search tag to find it. So, get it while you can!

  3. Summary:
    1 – Persona 4 Golden (Jrpg – turnbased)
    2 – Uncharted – Golden Abyss (Shooter 3D Platformer)
    3 – Danganronpa (Visual novel + detective cases , OP said the spinoff is pretty decent too "Despair girls" )
    4 – Little big planet (another PSV game that uses most of it's features)
    5 – Final Fantasy X Part 1&2 + World of Final Fantasy
    6 – Gravity rush (Superhero 3D Platformer that can control gravity)
    7 – Killzone Mercenary (according to OP, it's the best Shooter ever on handhelds)
    8 – Sly Cooper (all 4 , espionage&collection 3D platformer)
    9 – Tearaway (Only PSVita game that uses all the features of the PSVita)
    10 – Soul Sacrifice Delta (Another great monster hunting game, with a pretty good story)
    11 – Disgaea 4 (jrpg , OP's fav in the franchise , like Final Fantasy Tactics but with much more mechanics)

    12 – Vanilla Ware games (sidescroller action rpgs)
    >Dragon's Crown
    >Odin Sphere
    >Muramasa rebirth

    13 – rayman (2d Platformer)
    14 – Metal Gear Solid Collection (2&3 , espionage)
    15 – Trails of Cold Steel (jrpg turn based, OP says it's long, and he prefers Trails in the sky better)
    16 – Digimon Cyber Sleuth & Hacker's Memory (Pretty much Pokemon but it's digimon, OP says it's the best game in the series)
    17 – Zero Escape Nonary (Visual novel trilogy)
    18 – Wipeout 2048 (Car racing, kinda like F-Zero)
    19 – ratchet & clank (adventure shooter)
    20 – Ys – VIII (jrpg adventure – HACK N SLASH)
    21 – Unit 13 (Shooter exclusive to the Vita)
    22 – Tales of Hearts (jrpg)
    23 – Freedom Wars (My personal #1 for PSV Monster hunting)
    24 – God of War collection
    25 – Modnation racers: road trip (similar to diddy kong racing) + Sonic & All stars transformed (better stage designs)

  4. Really there are so many good games for this handheld. It wasn't a failure at all. So what if there weren't so many big AAA titles? There were a few really good ones, and then the ports and all the other stuff makes the system freaking gold.

    I've got a zfold 2 (after the zfold 3 the best phone you could use for gaming due to the massive 4:3 inner screen that let's retro games play in their native aspect ratio). It's way more powerful than the vita, it can emulate anything up to gamecube, some wii, and ps2.

    Despite that I bought 2 vitas this week plus a 1tb memory card. Why? Because my phone A. Doesn't have expandable storage for games B. doesn't have physical controls unless I buy some C. Can't play vita games! The vita's exclusive library alone is worth the 400 dollars I spent. Add on everything it can emulate and run from ps1 and psp and it's a no Brainer as a handheld.

    Now just to figure out how to carry my phone, switch, and vita at the same time.

  5. The ones I really want to collect are the vanillaware games, Sly Cooper/Jak Collection, Gravity Rush, Code: Realize, Danganronpa 2, Child of Light, Trails of Cold Steel, Rayman, Axiom Verge, and Velocity 2x. Still looking out for all these games.

  6. FWIW, Ar Nosurge Plus is basically a Persona-4-Golden-tier RPG, though it can get a bit janky at times. You best wish to watch the fan-subbed cutscenes from its Japan-only prequel Ciel Nosurge first, though, to get the full impact of the story.

  7. So i got my hands on Vita, and checking out games that i can play… And YS VIII got my attention… And i watched a couple reviews, and gameplay…. And in the end, the game that i was going to pirate on my Vita, now in my PS5 library XDD i was too impressed on how EVERYBODY who review the game praised it for every possible thing. It must be a very good game, and it was 70% discount so i had to XD And platinum awaits XD

  8. Bought a hacked Vita with a 128GB SD card filled with 60+ games in it. Was planning to get the 2000 version but due to limited stock I ended up getting the OLED version and they were right, that screen truly is GORGEOUS. I can't imagine settling for the LCD screen now.

  9. I don't play my Vita that much these days, but I still regularly keep an eye out for cheap second hand games to build out my physical library.

  10. i bought ps vita just for P4g in 2018 ,not only since when P4g become my all time favorite game,but also fell in love with ps vita,it's amazing handheld with amazing game library,i love jrpg and it's perfect to on ps vita on the go.


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