Top 25 Xbox Game Pass Games | 2021


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For this week I focus on the Top 25 BEST Xbox Game Pass games available as of January 2021. Xbox Game Pass is seriously an amazing subscription-based service with a ton of great games, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. PINNED COMMENT: For the Top 15 Xbox Game Pass Hidden Gems make sure to watch this video –

    As for the Top 25 list though, I did not include Gears, Forza, Minecraft, or Halo in order to shine some light on other franchises as well.

    However theyre all great, and they would easily be on this list if I did include them.

    I also want to note that their spinoffs are great such as Minecraft Dungeon, Gears Tactics, and Halo Wars.

  2. Warning ⚠️ game pass sucks!!! Until they have just a "online option " so you can play the 1 or 2 games you like online they suck. I paid the $10/m option and can not play online….$15/m to do so.. ????????I was a big Xbox supporter. If you don't keep up with payment for 100's of games you will never or have time to play. Be warned. Until changed. I suggest switch and keep your ps4… Until fixed….a third option. Not a good deal or service for the regular person.

  3. Playing hellblade I was just looking for a game with a story turn out to find a game that fully understands my mental state,every part of the game fit my anxiety,playing it brought out the war in me and shown be im capable of being my best self.i literally beat the game without dying or failing on my first game.never played a game that attacked my mental health instead of my emotions because i could never get emotional until I played that game.i always been brave but this game gave me my courage and dignity

  4. I was playing Wasteland 3 and Control but got caught up in Mass Affect Leg. Loving the hell out of GP though. I’m so backlogged it’s ridiculous. Both Dishonored’s, Doom, and Alien Iso are on my list. By the time I’m finished with MA, there will be more I’m sure.


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