Top 3 mobile games against boredom


Mobile games are a huge part of the gaming industry these days. Of course, they are not the games with the best graphics and stories, but they are a great way to pass the time and bring millions of people to enjoy it. New games are constantly coming onto the market, not only from large developers but also often from smaller studios such as with games like Super Talent Bubble ( Adventure) and Guardian Space Galaxy (Action).

Clash Royale – Captivating strategy battles in a multiplayer game

Fancy medieval battles with strategic elements? Then the game Clash Royale is just right for you! The game offers a real eSport experience on the smartphone. Here you fight for victory over the Internet against real multiplayer opponents. The game principle is simple and easy to learn. Two players always face each other as opponents in a virtual arena with three castles on each side. The aim is to level the opponent’s three castles to the ground or at least to inflict as much damage as possible on them – and thereby achieve victory! Players have three minutes per battle, which makes the game dynamic.

The attacks on the opponent are started with the help of card decks that you have put together yourself. Each card represents a specific combat unit: for example archers, dragons, or knights. If a card is placed on the battlefield, the corresponding combat unit appears immediately and attacks the opponent. Of course, he holds back with his own units. Obstacles and special attacks make every skirmish even more thrilling. For battles won, you receive rewards that can be used to unlock new combat units and special abilities.

Hill Climb Racing 2 – Addicting rally game

The first part of the Hill Climb Racing App was already a huge success and thrilled millions of fans. Now there is a second part of the funny racing game. This promises even more fun and also has the addiction factor known from the first version. There are improvements in all areas: even more vehicles, new and larger racetracks, and more modern graphics. The basic principle has remained the same: With high-powered vehicles, you race along varied routes, do mighty jumps, and pimp your own vehicle with the coins you win. In particular, the enormous jumps that you can make with your vehicle, including spectacular rollover, make a lot of fun. In addition to tuning the mobile pedestal, the driver can now also be customized as desired. In exciting competitions, you can show friends or other players from all over the world who is the best racing driver via the Internet.

Subway Surfers – Action-packed mobile game with a surfing experience

Surfing in the sea is well known. In the game Subway Surfer, however, you dive into the metropolitan underground and slip into the role of a subway surfer. On a stylish surfboard, the player dashes along the subway track at a daring pace and tries acrobatic tricks. At the same time, it is important to avoid oncoming trains as quickly as possible and to be on the lookout for the nasty railway inspector and his watchdog. If you are caught by one of the two, you will quickly find yourself in a rapid chase.
The 3D graphics are particularly pretty, which makes the colorful city backdrops an extremely lively impression. By collecting coins on the surf tracks, you can also purchase various additional items.


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