TOP 5 Best New Upcoming Games of 2023 | PC, PS5 & XBOX Games!


Here is a quick video about some of the best new and amazing upcoming games which are slated to release in the year 2023 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One! The games are Starfield, Ark 2, Black Myth Wukong, The Outer Worlds 2, and Hell is Us. .



  1. I gotta admit I'm pretty stoked for Riddick and I ain't sure why? Because if it pans out like Vin Petrols acting prowess then it will flop within a month ????. I just hope that if Vin is on board for the development that they strictly stay with voice acting and just maybe map his face or some shit because his acting and his one liners are terrible ????. Horrible ain't I ????????????, well I say what I think and I do what I say.


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