Top 5 best Warframes


In this article, we will make a list of our top Warframes. If you are new to Warframe read carefully because this could improve your gameplay. This is a topic many people want to know about because Warframe is one of the best free-to-play games. So here is our list:

1. Warframe Wisp is the first in our list. She has the highest energy along with Volt Prime and the smoothest movement. Her passive skill Phased lets her be invisible as long as she’s in the air. With Wil-O-Wisp you can create a copy of Wisp and also teleport to it. During this ability Wisp gets invisible.

2. Nova is our second Warframe on this list. What makes her special is her first skill, Null Star. This skill gives her up to 90% damage reduction which means she is nearly invincible. But that’s not everything, her ultimate skill, Molecular Prime makes every enemy in the radius take double damage.

3. Limbo is the only Warframe with only one weakness which makes him really good. His only weakness is easy to deal with and that’s Nullifiers. So, in the end, he’s almost invincible too thanks to his rift mechanics.

4. Octavia is a really overpowered Warframe. She can lower the damage and has a really overpowered skill, infinite invisibility. But that’s not enough, she can also share her invisibility with the other teammates.

5. Equinox is the most complicated Warframe to play but also the strongest once you figure out how he works. Equinox has a  night and a day form. She can put her enemies to sleep or let them bleed to death which is very effective because it’s scaled on percentage. By switching to a different form Equinox gets a healer and supporter for your team.


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