Top 5 New FPS Shooter Games – Upcoming In 2018


Latest video: “HISTORY OF WW2 GERMAN INFANTRY WEAPONS | BATTLEFIELD V” – ~ – Today we take a look at what I think are the top 5 new FPSs to coming games to be released in 2018. What first person shooter games are you looking for this E3 and EA Play? ….. ** SPOILER ALERT ** ….. Top 5: 1. Battlefield V 2. World War 3 3. Insurgency: Sandstorm 4. Post Scriptum 5. Ready Or Not Honorable Mentions: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Overkills The Walking Dead ….. MORE VIDEOS – Battlefield Playlist – ….. SOCIAL MEDIA AND OTHER LINKS – Discord – https: // discord .gg / v7XBGWa – Twitter – – Twitch – – Battlefield 4 Platoon – platoons / view / 4122730301792841884 / – BF4 & BFH stats from – ….. GAME ACCOUNTS – Steam – billyeatworld – Origin – billyeatworld – PSN – billyeatworld – XBLIVE – billyeatworld – Battle. net – billeatworld # 1613.



  1. In before someone points out the flaw in the title that "FPS" already has the word shooter in it. It's intentional for SEO :).

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  2. Man, shit I'm gonna buy Insurgency Sandstorm, ready or not, Post Scriptum, World War 3, Hell let loose and Squad (i know its already been released in early access but I haven't bought it).

  3. #5,#4,#3: Not really into super realistic shooters (with the exception of R6S) but they still look great for someone who wants that type of experience.
    #2: Many of you may disagree with this but part of thinks that some of the gameplay and pre rendered footage looks a bit unpolished. It may just be pre rendered and still think the game looks great.
    HM1: Definetly interested in trying out the zombies and multiplayer but I not to sure about the Battle Royal that's replacing single-player.
    HM2: Okay then?
    #1: I know that a huge majority of you highly disagree with me but I'm really excited for this game to come out. I know the game has some weird customisation the gameplay may just be like Killzone 2 but I'm still honestly quite hyped!

  4. Insurgency and BFV for me. I'm not comfy with how minimal they've been with Insurgency though. They've been a bit TOO lite on info. I mean, not even a release date? Says to me it's not ready. I don't think we'll see it until december at best.

  5. While I LOVE my battlefield, I'm kinda indifferent about BFV's Fictional World War 2 setting, I mean World War 2 games have been going on longer than world war 2 itself. And have always just been adding alot of tacky addons and fluff.

    World War 3 looks like it would scratch an itch for a post modern shooter that I've been craving thats not as serious as games like Project Reality or Insurgency but being too arcadey like COD. I feel like World War 3 could be the feel of a battlefield game that you can just jump in and have fun. I just hope EA or DICE don't sue them for any simularities with the game and Battlefield 4 (because it honestly just looks like a Battlefield 4 clone with a different engine)


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