Top 5 Nintendo Switch Games of 2019


Well there weren’t any traditional Heavy Hitters this year, the most interesting and fun games I played on all three platforms were led by Nintendo. This is my pick for the top 5 games of the year, all of which fall on the switch. —————– Subscribe —————– Fire Emblem Three Houses Review: / Ufr6wIWJF4M Top 5 of 2018: Podcast Level 30 Episode 5: —————– Instagram: Youtube: Twitter:



  1. Coming in late to the conversation, but my list is FE: Three Houses, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Luigi's Mansion 3, Link's Awakening and Mario Maker 2. I feel like Astral Chain would be on my list, but I haven't even removed the plastic from that game. Been too engulfed in MUA3. Honorable mention to Baba is you.

    I am also interested in playing The Witcher on the Switch, but I purchased it for like $15 on the PS4. Sadly my PS4 feels like a Borderlands 3 console right now.

  2. Nice list!
    Some more amazing games of 2019: Cadence of hyrule, MM2, Gears 5, Control, Wargroove, The Touryst, Marvel UA 3, Katana Zero, DMC5, RE2.
    Souls like games are not my cap of tea so I didn't get Sekiro though I have played it a little.
    2019 was a great year with a lot of great games.
    My GOTY is Astral Chain.

  3. Not surprised by this list. The top two aren't my cup of tea, so they wouldn't even make it in any list. I really enjoyed the RE 2 remake and felt that it was a contender for GOTY since it was a really solid remake. And for me, Mario Maker 2 would definitely have made it on mine because that game has endless replayability and I didn't even create a single level.


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