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Interested in collecting for the original Nintendo DS? Check out this list of the rarest titles in the North American DS library! In this video, we are going to review the 5 most expensive and most wanted games for Nintendo DS and check out some gameplay footage. Thank you for watching! BECOME A MEMBER! ▶▶ Patreon: Facebook: Twitter: Twitch: Instagram: Discord: Recording/Live Stream Gear I use: – Game Capture HD60 S – Stream Deck – Elgato Green Screen Check them all out here! : Want to submit something for the channel? Do not hesitate to use this postal address! : Nintendrew PO Box 30 Woodburn, KY 42170 USA Looking for links to some of the sets, tools or props you see in my videos? Check out my Amazon recommendations page!



  1. I have all of these games except for Little Red Riding Hood and Animaniacs. Bought them all in bargain bins back when the 3DS had just come out. Crazy that so many of them are rare now! I'm so glad I always keep the cases and manuals for my games.

  2. I absolutely love "Solatorobo: Red The Hunter", which I still have in my Nintendo DS library, and it is perhaps the only JRPG-style game ever made in which the characters are anthropormorphic animals instead of humans, which is probably the reason why it remains one of my favorite games on the console, and I really wish other companies that work on RPGs like Square-Enix would design games with those kinds of characters as well! ^^

  3. Magician's Quest: Mysterious Times is a fun little game, though it took me sometime to get used to the controls. I'm very happy I picked up a copy when I did (at a cheap price!), and held onto it because.. it's just fun to go back to and play.

    I do own the PS2 copy of Shepherd's Crossing, but found it very boring. And I love Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons games. I wonder if its sequel on DS is better, but I'll never find out 'cause I don't want to spend so much~! XD

  4. The game I'm trying to find, is- Korean or Japanese. There are 3 characters, each one has a number above their head, and they defeat monsters that pop in from a seperate dimension. And I believe for every monster you defeat, they become a soul value and boost the number on your head and become a useable monster. There are 2 guys, ones girl. I remember the scene where a girl asks the MC (YOU) if she "Sticks out as a sore thumb."

  5. You know what’s ironic, the last one, Animaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action; is much, MUCH cheaper than Hippie, one for the PS2 released in Italy and Australia, and in the USA for the DS. Though to be fair, the European version is much more common.

    And yes, I’m furious that Hoppie for the DS is at prices which may not seem bad, but to me, should be at least 10, or even 15 pounds!


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