Top 5: Strategy Games of 2021


In this video, I take a look at my 5 favorite strategy games of 2021. Intro – 0:00 Cauldrons of War: Stalingrad – 2:38 Field of Glory II: Medieval – 9:36 Grand Tactician: The Civil War – 13 :34 War in the East II – 21:34 War on the Sea – 28:00 #Top5 ##Strategy #Wargame .



  1. ALL GOOD GAMES…But ALL have CRAPY — AI…..(except War in the East2 maybe)
    Sad Game makers place Eye Candy #1 on the list. Instead of AI….
    A pushover AI makes replayablitiy almost Zero

  2. Highly recommend going back to Decisive Campaigns: Barbarossa rather than Ardennes Offensive. The game has you roleplay as Franz Halder, and there is a much more emphasis on storytelling than counter-pushing.

  3. I got 2 of the 5 did beta test WAr In East II they did about 15-18 months beta I have played Grigsby games since 1990 expensive worth every penny Grand Tactician have just under 3500 hours so need say more

  4. If WotS greatly improved

    -the way air combat is resolved (better CAP, fighters shredding unescorted bombers immediately, allowing long range land bombing)

    -UI (setting formations is a NIGHTMARE, player should be able to issue one order to a supply convoy to sail to a port and unload and not have to notice when the convoy arrives and then “pixel click” until the “unload” command appears

    -how land combat is affected by developments at sea, and binning the horrid “each side loses a few troops every day for 8 months regardless of balance of forces” dynamic where it seems like nothing the player does can change the trajectory or speed of final resolution

    -how progress is measured, players access new resources, and victory is achieved (“you sank X value of enemy ships so you can deploy Y value of ships into your own fleet” is stupid)

    I’d buy it.

    Until then I’ll hope THG starts a new campaign.

  5. THG, did they fix War on the Sea for the "spamming aircraft" thing where you could literally kill all of your dive bombers and just immediately refill your base and launch another strike without any time or pilot penalties. They also had this thing where you could sell back destroyed airframes for full price to buy more which was terribly stupid. Also the carriers could not replenish at sea for whatever reason.

  6. Odd that Ultimate General had a much more challenging AI. I don't know if was the set scripted battlefields and starting positions for the AI, but it was much better. The new game here has amazing immersion but the tactical failures of the AI ruin the game completely for me. Also the inability to fight naval battles is kind of stupid because the revolutionary nature of ironclads cannot be appreciated.

  7. Considering War on the Sea is leading the poll on your next series, should we expect a new campaign? That would be great! War on the Sea and Grand Tactician are definitely in my top 5.

  8. I agree that Grand Tactician: The Civil War is amazingly ambitious, and Oliver Keppelmüller continues to make major improvements over time. The parts are finally starting to fall into place.

  9. Completely agree with your comments about GTCW economy gameplay. Tons of data listed in those Production and Trade tabs…but pretty quickly I stopped looking because there's nothing I could actually do with it; just wasn't "action-able" information. Likewise the Trade, Workforce, and Slaves map overlays. Still a great game, easily the most ambitious (mostly successfully) and detailed ACW game I've seen by far, and I really liked, say, UGCW, UGG, and the much older Take Command 2nd Manassas too.


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