Top 5: These are the most popular esports teams


The esports scene is full of big teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Dota – Fnatic, Team Liquid or G2 Esports are the names of the protagonists. But was 2020 the most popular?

5th place – G2 Esports

With more than 16.2 million hours of view time in the stream, 5th place goes to G2. The organization is the current champion in the LEC in League of Legends and also dominated the regular season. An average of 284,000 spectators watched the Spring Split there. But G2 is also one of the best teams in the world in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, plus a strong team in Rainbow Six: Siege.

4th place – Evil Geniuses

Almost 27,000 hours separate G2 and EG. EG scores in Dota, where G2 has no team. In January at the DreamLeague Major in Leipzig, the team made it to the final.

In CS: GO, EG had a harder sporting time. At the IEM Katowice in February, the knockout phase was over.

3rd place – Team Liquid

TL had a lot more presence on the streams. Teams with the horse logo could be seen for 230 hours in the first quarter. So 81 hours more than EG.

There were no great successes for Liquid. In the LCS, the team missed the playoffs. In CS: GO, despite being a favorite, it was only a quarter-finals participation in the IEM and in Dota a fifth place in the Dota Major.

2nd place – Fnatic

It was 17.2 million hours for Fnatic in the period between January and March. At IEM Katowice, it was a top 4 placement in CS: GO that pushed the numbers up. The event alone accounted for 3.6 million hours.

Fnatic also played well in the LEC and secured the playoffs – there were an average of 270,000 spectators at the start. In Dota, the team won Summit 12, but this was not so clearly reflected in the audience figures.

1st place – Natus Vincere

By far, Na’Vi is number one of the most popular teams, according to the hours of streaming watched: More than 23 million hours are recorded.

Only with a CS: GO team would the Eastern Europeans be number one. 18.6 million people were only there for the matches from s1mple and Co. The team won the IEM Katowice in front of around 393,000 spectators. The arena on site was empty.

Na’Vi was also the most popular in the Blast series and the ESL Pro League. In Dota, on the other hand, it was 9th place at the Major in Leipzig without a digital crowd.

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