TOP 5 Things Every NEW PC Gamer Should KNOW


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  1. Is it possible to use a controller and a mouse at the same time? I hate using the keyboard to move the character, I much prefer the thumbsticks on the controller, but I suck at shooting unless I can use a mouse. Can I somehow combine both?

  2. I’m starting to get a PC but there’s only one problem I’m not a good typos that’s gonna take a while for me to get ready to know the controls in games and Marshal Lytton is actually my dad‘s name because he signed me up for this I’m only nine years old I don’t care if you can get my DNA

  3. okay, that tip about the mouse is awesome. I heard that aiming was easier with a mouse and I was skeptical because ime the mouse can move kinda frantically. so knowing you can prevent it from doing that is really helpful

  4. I’m finally about to get my first pc hopefully do you have any advice on what I should be looking for as far as CPU and graphics cards I was thinking a ryzen 5 5600x or a ryzen 7 2700 and for the graphics card I was told for a budget build I should get a 1660 ti what do you guys think? Please help I don’t wanna get ripped off I wanna be a streamer

  5. You are out of the subject, my friend! The mai issue regarding the PC performance and stability resides in the RAM modules settings in order to be compatible with your CPU and among them. You need to tweak those settings from BIOS if necessary. This is all! The age of manual drivers-download is over.

  6. I bought L4D2 on steam and i had fun but 6 months later, my account got banned because some guy reported me for scamming them in a trade, i didnt even there were trades and he contacted me in Discord and told me to talk with this guy named Avatar, he said he was a Steam admin and i had to show proof for my innocence, in the end, he told me to buy a 50$ steam gift card and i was very suspicious and i told him im not doing that because i think this is a whole scam. The steam admin banned me from steam but i did nothing wrong, i didnt even touch my account until i was falsely reported, i dont trust Steam because i got banned for no reason, also can tell me if i was getting scammed?

    Edit: i just found out i sorda of scammed

  7. Yea yea the race card is commin so you already know. I think its a good thing you doin bro. The main reason our people dont bother with P.c's is cause its seem too difficult and too expensive compared to a console we will drop bout 5 on a system but over that is pushing it i got fef up and i was addicted to day z so i bought a p.c and i aint played day z in a while i have became a pro sim racer i even have a 1000 dollar faneted and a oculous quest i even invested in another p.c for streaming abd a gaming loptop and i also have all the last gen systems im working oin a ps5 bnext but i can tell them that i bough my 1st build i built myself for about 400 bucks and i still use it to game on ultras but my new p.c i spent around 2000 and that was mainly the i7 the crossfire mother board witt 3 pcie slots and 2 m.2's so yea im am hooked and i want my friends from ps4 network to join the master race but they dont understand and say im crazy for spending so much money

  8. I wanted a CD driver and the builder laughed. I have games on disk so woulda been nice to download those easily. Now I’ll have to use my laptop to download it then put it on a USB and swap it

  9. I think you so much for making this. I have been a console gamer for years, I'm switching to PC because I'm tired of trying to get next gen consoles LOL so yeah. Thank you

  10. How the f do you use so many keys at the same time, especially with your left hand. My left hand is not good at … anything. How am i supposed to move forward, backwards, left, right, change weapons, duck, run, walk, throw, climb, jump, get stuff, light things on fire, change gear, use scope, etc with my left hand while looking at the screen. I only have 5 fingers. I bought" Days gone" , best zombie shooter but can't play?.

  11. New to the pc gang is this a good deal ??
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Graphics Card
    -Intel Xeon E5-2680 (3.5 GHz Turbo) (8 cores/16 threads) (Similar performance to the Ryzen 7 1700)
    -32gb Ram
    -256gb M.2 SSD
    -500gb HDD
    -Windows 10 Pro Installed and activated.


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