TOP 5 WII U GAMES – E3 2012


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  1. Knowing that I am commenting on an older E3 experience I must say that Andre and Blunty have given me new hope for the success of the Wii U. I just bought one and am loving it. The last game console I shucked out for was the very last iteration of the now defunct PS2. PS3 (and now PS4) and the X-Boxes were and are a lot of dough for basically just gaming machines. I feel that I have spent my money wisely and am very happy with what I got. Sure Sony & Microsoft stuff looks prettier and runs "more smoothly" (I know about frame rates, rendering speeds – I have been building PC gaming/graphics machines for the past 20 years) so the cost for JUST gaming gear that those guys charge is JUST rediculous. Thanks to you U-Tube Gurus and Nintendo for a really great device and advice on how to get the best out of it and enjoy it-kuddous.


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