TOP 50+ 2D Platformer Games on Nintendo Switch! – THE ULTIMATE LIST GUIDE!


In this video, we take a look at the Top 50+ 2D platformers on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch has an extensive library of 2D platformers and we think these are the best 2D platformers you can buy for your money. These Ultimate lists are hard work to put together, so if you want more, help us help you and support the channel. Click the subscribe button and the notification bell so you don’t miss any other videos. Yes, we’re crazy in the Coco making these gigantic videos, but you’re the ones that drive us. Check out the craziest list we’ve made so far here! with our Ultimate Guide playlist. Timestamps will come but any help is appreciated! If you’re looking for a place to get the latest Switch reviews and news, consider subscribing – we appreciate feedback too, so let us know this what do you think! We’ve created an Amazon page where you can browse the games and accessories we’ve reviewed and recommended, buying anything from this link gives us a small commission which we put back into the channel – it means a lot to us if you use it! ***********Follow us on social media***************** ** ******* Twitter: Instagram: switchwatchtv Facebook: Website: L SwitchWatch team – James, Juan and Jordan.



  1. How you doing everyone, thank you so much for all your "get well" messages, James and I appreciated it very much and it is awesome to be back doing what we love. Thanks for supporting the channel in the meantime. Here we have another mammoth list that always seems to take me an age to make but I think they are worth it and we hope you do too! Bare in mind we have another Ultimate list guide including Metroidvanias which you can also class as 2D platformers but we have kept them separate so you have two huge lists to enjoy. so if you don't see Hollow Knight or Dead Cells here, don't worry click on this list instead!

    Thank you and enjoy!

  2. I beat Alex Kidd i Miracle World probbaly 100 times literally back inthe day. I borowed my friend's master system for a couple weeks, close friend so is parents approved the loan. a MIRACLE hey? I would challenge myself tom literally pick up every possible bag of money in the entire game, and I would do so. (Might have been a couple u must miss based on the path u take, like the helicopter zone u miss the underwater part by design by not tfalling) BUt now for sure not for me, i played the game too much it is to much burned into memory. I even posted a full walkthrough to Youtube shwing off everything many years ago, so I will not be buying. If they had made a whole new game, plus included the priginal, that would have been somethjing I jumped on.

  3. It annoys me that Valfaris doesn't support Rumble.
    I can't think of a game it would suit better.
    Delighted to Splasher on the list by the way. It's one of the most addictive 2d platformers out there.

  4. So glad to hear you guys recovered well and just great to hear you guys do another one of these epic list videos. Lots of my favorites mentioned here for sure (N++. Super Meat Boy, Flashback, Another World, The Way Remastered and more). One you didn’t mention that I’ve fallen in love with is a game called Klaus. It’s got a terrific visual style, and some solid game mechanics that just made me want to see what was going to be thrown at me next. Great job as always, guys


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