Top 50 Games for Low Spec PC (1GB RAM / 2GB RAM / 512 MB VRAM / Intel HD Graphics)


Hey guys, This video includes best low spec PC games from different genres like FPS, Open World, Fighting, Racing, Stealth and many more which you can play on your old PC and laptop during lockdown! All of these games can run on 1GB and 2GB of RAM with an Intel HD graphics card or a 512MB graphics card. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND DON’T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE!!! TOP 10 Low Spec PC Games | PART 1 TOP 10 Low Spec PC Games | PART 2 TOP 10 Low Spec PC Games | PART 3 Feel free to ask any question. TAGS : top 10 superhero games, best pc games of all time, mafia 2 remastered, spider-man ps4, crysis remastered, top low end pc games, top pc games 2gb, pc games for intel hd graphics, top 10 pc games for 512mb graphics, top 10 best games for 4gb ram, 100 low spec pc games, top 10 pc games, 100 best low spec games, assassins creed valhalla, low spec pc game, saints row 3 remastered, call of duty remastered, call of duty modern warfare, games to play in lockdown #lowspecpc #mafia2 #saintsrow3 .



  1. You can add Warframe to the list. I have a laptop with 11th gen i3 CPU (has 2 cores / 4 threads), 8 GB RAM, Intel UHD graphics & 512 GB NVME SSD. I can play Warframe at 1080p High settings with 55+ FPS when plugged in.

  2. Before abusing Intel hd 4000 just remember that it is mobile igpu and it is over 10 years old igpu and it can still run some of modern games like genishin impact , gta 5 , rise of the tomb raider etc

  3. I'm currently running i5 4th gen on a 6gig ram, without any graphics card. And I can safely say, Crysis 3, Assassin's Creed 3, Witcher 3 on low specs, Stellaris, State Of Decay, GTA V and some few other notable titles too.

  4. Can I just buy PC and play game without all this big stuff like a normal PC with nothing connected to like rtx or big engine just PC download game and play sorry bad English I don't know how to put it

  5. for low end pc users, play these:
    1.Battlefield bad company 2 (2010) (medium settings 40-50fps)

    2.Brawlhalla (60fps game)
    3.Hollow Knight (50-60fps medium settings)
    4.Minecraft (150-200fps in low settings)
    My specs are:
    Intel i3-7130U
    8gb ram
    intel hd graphics 620

  6. what ever the effort you put in this video but you didnot tell the people that you lied to them telling that these games would be playable on 1or 2 gb ram with intel graphics and on the other hand you are play these game on a highend pc on 1080p at high setting tell them that they need a i5 2nd gen pc with a gt 630 with atleast 4gb ram to make it playable as you are playing.


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