Top 9 BEST Dinosaur Games coming in 2021!


Hi everyone! Welcome to my video featuring the 9 best dinosaur games slated for release in 2021! It was originally supposed to be a Top 10, but “The Podlands” game didn’t quite make the cut as it had nothing new in development and still doesn’t have a release date. Expected release, but definitely worth checking out! Links to Steam link and/or respected game website: DFH – Deathground – or Prehistoric Kingdom – or Goner – / Reptiles: In Hunt – Isles of Yore – or / Paleo Pines – The Depths – Jurassic World: Aftermath – https://www. oculus. com/experiences/quest/2708465082504733/?locale=en_GB or BONUS – The Podlands – #DinosaurGames #DinosaurGames2021 # BestGames Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:02 Dinosaur Fossil Hunter 2:12 Deathground 3:16 Prehistoric Kingdom 4:56 Goner 7:18 Reptiles: In Hunt 8:33 Isles Of Jadis 10:35 Paleo Pines 13 :04 The Depths: Prehistoric Survival 15:11 Jurassic World: Aftermath 16:18 Outro MAKE SURE TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! — CAN WE BREAK 70 LIKES? ! — Donation Link – Patreon Link – Swrve’s Discord – nbnsaAk ——- — USE CODE: swrve FOR 5% OFF ALL ACID GAME PURCHASES ———- Social Media: Twitter: @SwrveTS / /SwrveTS Snapchat : SwrveSnaps Instagram: @SwrveYT email: Discord: #Swrve0300 Twitch: .



  1. *This was posted before Ark 2 announcement. However Ark 2 will release in 2022 and NOT 2021*

    What was your favourite game on this list? 😀
    This was originally suppose to be a Top 10 List, please do read the Description as to why it's a Top 9 now 🙂

    *Don't Forget to Subscribe as we narrow in on the 20k mark! It would mean so much to me!*

  2. Jurassic world evolution simulators are so fucking BORING! I despise creators who make them, well except maybe the OG Jurassic park mobile version… That one was freaking addictive for some reason. But anyway I want a really good mortal Kombat to UFC 3 style of dinosaur fighting game.

  3. I'm really excited about the depths, I've always been so interested in sea creatures of the past and the ocean, I also really love fish games so this will be on my bucket list xD

  4. I agree when I paid 60 dollars for Jurassic world evolution I expected something else don’t get me wrong I love jwe but it has way more restrictions than i thought like money personally I am excited for prehistoric kingdom

  5. More dinosaur games are always good, but I'm still looking for more survival-horror (or straight up horror) dinosaur games. Goner, Deathground, and Instinction are certainly on my watchlist

  6. Prehistoric kingdom's feathered raptor sold me. Also really looking forward to the… more up to date spinosaurus in the game (won't say correct because the Dino has already changed drastically and will only change more)

  7. Honestly paleo pines sounds like story of seasons but with dinosaurs. It still looks like a fun game but that feels like a more accurate comparison. But you’ve play the game so that’s your call pal

  8. I'd love more games like Ark. Where it's not just Human vs Dino or Dino vs Dino

    Where you can 'tame' them and such. (doesn't have to be exactly like Ark)
    Even something like a Dino Beastmaster. xD

    I don't know, I'd just like some more games where the Dino's aren't the 'villains' of the game.


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