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The beat ’em up genre is one that has graced arcades and consoles for decades and the Nintendo Switch is home to some of the best ever. There’s a host of action-packed classics old and new as well as some hidden gems to find too. What are the best beat ’em ups on Switch? Good. let’s find out… Featured Games: – Intro – 0:00 Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle – 0:52 Castle Crashers: Remastered – 1:55 Die For Valhalla – 2:53 Classic Arcade Beat Em Ups – 3:53 The Ninja Saviors – 4:40 Streets of Red – 5:44 The Takeover – 6:44 Fight’N Rage – 7:28 Sega Mega Drive Classics – 8:20 Bud Spencer & Terence Hill Slaps and Beans – 9:29 River City Girls – 10:33 The KING OF SWITCHING! – 11:53 #NintendoSwitch #BeatEmUps #Games If you’ve been supporting us for a long time, consider supporting us on Patreon – Happy Gaming Mark and Glen SwitchUp Subscriber count: 130,292 Video created by Glen Bolger.



  1. I hope you enjoy this video. It took a while to put together. Here are some links to relevant videos for the games included in this video: –

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    Thank you and happy gaming. Glen

  2. Appreciate the video, I just purchased a hori fighting mini stick and streets of rage 4 and street fighter 30th anniversary. Hopefully the stick will work on my wii u for mame gaming 🙂

  3. Imo Fight N' Rage is the best beat em up out there right now. Like there are options. Example: You spawn in the first level and have the option of going left. LEFT. IN A SIDE SCROLLER! The music, the combo depth, the multiple endings, all the stuff you can unlock to make the game more interesting. Guys go plz play Fight N' Rage. What one dude was able to accomplish is well worth you time and money if you're a beat em up fan ?

  4. Anyone who thinks Scott Pilgrim is a great beat 'em up doesn't know shit about beat 'em ups. Strip away the amazing graphics and soundtrack and all you have left is a subpar River City ripoff with mediocre gameplay

  5. I never played a whole lot of beat em ups growing up. I did play river city at my grandparents on occasion. I'm really loving scott pilgrim as my first true beat em up. I'm gonna have to pick up a few of these. They look fun!

  6. Mega Drive collection suffers from some terrible input lag in comparison to other SEGA collections and the Mega Drive mini. Definitely not the best way to play any of the included games, gameplay and sound wise. It's definitely less noticeable in some games but I don't think it makes it worth the cash

  7. Nice lis Mark!!! Looking forward to get some of these in a future sale… as they tend to be more en the short side if you just make a normal playthrough or to… and don´t play coop.
    Next time in a list like this would me nice to mention which ones have coop or onlinplayer coop.

  8. I just got Wulver Blade on sale for like $2.50 (AUD) and its great! Fun action, good fighting and enjoyable historical storyline (and good voice acting)
    I loved this video and been trying to grab all the ones from your list, and just wanted ta add my 2 cents.
    Thanks for all of your content and keep up the good work.

  9. I like streets of rage but draining your health bar to use your special is one of the most annoying things ever in any beat em up game I can think of. I’m more of a build it up and use build it up and use it kind of guy. If you miss you miss. Build it up again.

  10. Hate to tell you, but AVP, Punisher, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, D&D were not absent from the Capcom Beat'em Up Bundle because they were forgotten or somehow unpopular. It's because they were all licensed games. Hell, I'm surprised they even got cleared to release the two D&D games on the last Gen, but then Wizards of the Coast probably had much more reasonable terms.


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