Top Five Best Exclusive Wii U Games


Go to for 15% off your order! Presented by Raycon. I briefly thought about including the Zelda remakes and while they’re definitely WIi U exclusive in their current format, they draw on a lot of game design from another console game. I would still love to see them ported to Switch and Nintendo would be foolish not to. Hope they listen. Like what you see? Subscribe! ► Discover my 2nd channel! ► No more countdowns! ► Introduction music by Real Faction: ————- – ———————————————— – ——————— Patreon: Twitter: Twitch: http : / / Facebook: Tumblr: T-Shirts: / Steam Group:



  1. 3:06 "…there wasn't a new Zelda… game on the system…"
    cries in Breath of the Wild being developed for the Wii U and just co-released on the Switch
    The Wii U is a more fun and interesting console than people give it credit for. I think, in 10 or 20 years, it'll be remembered fondly the way we remember the N64 now.

  2. I've said it once, I've said it twice, I've said it thrice, and I WILL CONTINUE TO SAY IT… The ONE MAJOR THING that held Star Fox Zero back was the fact it forced the WiiU GamePad as an aiming gimmick in it. If It was ported to Switch, the issue would be mitigated and the game would actually be WAY more fun (that dumb Gyrowing notwithstanding, honestly speaking :/)…even if we'd be retreading a soft reboot of the Star Fox timeline in a parallel universe…I think? Hey, as long as I get an excuse to play a game with Star Fox 64's tight, buttery-smooth flight & aiming controls with Platinum Games' signature brand of shark-jumping the moon, AND ON THE GO no less, then I'll be satiated until the next truly NEW Star Fox game. :3

    I just thought of how the Arwing Walker would control and the answer is simple: twin-stick controls like Star Fox Assault. To elaborate, yes, I know, Assault's "pilot" controls were admittedly heavy on the tanky aspect (seriously, am I playing Star Fox or Silent Hill? >.>), but by tweaking the turning radius & aiming speed with the right stick (heck, give us an option to adjust the sensitivity in the options menu :3) and making the bumpers the strafe/side-dodge (holding the button & double-tapping respectively) and the triggers the hover option (maybe even add in a backwards dodge with a double-tap of either trigger?) it could actually be WAY more fun to control and even allow for some more fun, tense, and engaging multiplayer matches! 😀

  3. Somehow it feels like whenever he talks about the Wii U he purposefully avoids talking about the 3d zelda remasters. He always cuts it like he hints at them as well. I guess he wants to be more creative because everyone would want the 3d zeldas on switch. I just think it is a funny running gag by now.


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