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  1. VERY SORRY!!! off to a great start!! Flub at the Super Robo Taisen OG saga start….should i pull this down and re-upload?? I can fix it, hope it's not a huge deal…I'm officially an idiot!!!

  2. Thought I'd throw this in here since I know this channel is all about Luminous Arc but Luminous Arc 3 got an English Fan Translation that just went online for Christmas this year. Worth checking out if you have an r4 cartridge, a hacked DSi, or access to an emulator on a PC!

  3. You know every time I get into a Japanese RPG mood, I always land on your videos and love every second of it.
    Thanks for making really good content. I will always love the DS for it's huge line up of great RPG's.

  4. Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier!!! Probably my favorite all time battle system!! The combos sucess depends entirely on your concentration!!! Amazing sprite work, huge character portraits!! I'm in the last dungeon right now enjoyng the experience!!

  5. Getting Black Sigil in the mail tomorrow! Can't wait! I've only played the 1st few hours via rom so im so glad to finally get the actual game to play on actual hardware.

  6. Yet again another great video! I’m thinking about getting radiant historia for the DS instead of perfect chronology for the 3DS. It’s to expensive for the 3DS version now days.

  7. As always great reviews. Thank you so much. My DS collection is expanding and I'm able to select with more precision the games I will enjoy thanks to your reviews.


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