Top Streaming Resources for the Avid Gamer

Top Streaming Resources for the Avid Gamer
Top Streaming Resources for the Avid Gamer

Streaming is an ever-growing ever-changing source of entertainment for a huge audience all around the world. Increasingly there are people around the world who have been able to quit their day jobs and make a full-time living from streaming video games on sites such as YouTube and Twitch. However, there is a bit more to it than just filming yourself playing a video game and then posting it online, and the audience is needed as well as several other resources such as necessary equipment. Although streamers are fun to watch avid gamers may want to become streamers themselves. Here are some of the needed resources to accomplish just that.


The most important thing that any streamer needs are a high-end computer and a good internet connection. A powerful computer is needed as you will be playing a game while simultaneously be broadcasting the action over the web. A powerful computer with top-notch components helps to also make the experience more enjoyable and can give you a leg up on your competition as well as having a faster computer means that you can do more at once. On a similar note, a strong internet connection is also needed in this case the best bet would be a direct connection as opposed to trying to stream over WIFI. A wired connection prevents the signal from dropping or if anyone else is using the internet at the same time it helps to prevent lag as well. Good connectivity is important is also important if you are playing an online game as well particularly as you are forcing your computer and internet connection to multitask. It is also important to remember that for most people upload speeds are slower than download speeds and your internet connection will be doing both at the same time.


The best gaming headset is not something to be overlooked. It can offer a sense of genuine immersion few gaming accessories deliver. If you don’t want that immense in-game audio to go to waste, a good gaming headset is a necessity.


Perhaps the second most important resource that a streamer needs is a good quality camera and microphone. Many viewers want to see their favorite streamers play the games that they love, and it is equally important that they be able to hear the stream as well. While many streamers simply use software to capture the game that they are playing it is also possible to use a camera to do the same, simply position the camera in such a way that it can see both you and the stream and it can do both at the same time. However, while many cameras can pick up sound it might be a good idea to consider a dedicated microphone as well to capture the best audio possible. This audio can then be synced if necessary, to your stream at a later date if the stream is not live. If the stream is live there are ways to edit the sound directly into the live stream so that viewers can hear you while you play.


Editing software is needed as well to assist in streaming or in posting videos later on. Another important piece of software that can be of great help to both streamers and viewers alike is software for automated gaming highlights. Having automated gaming highlights software can help any streamer in that they no longer need to spend time and effort creating highlight reels. Viewers on the other hand can follow their favorite streamers without needing to watch an entire stream, while still being able to see the best parts of the stream. One of the sites that can perform these functions for both the streamer and the viewer is Sizzle. While other software may be a good resource for streamers and viewers automated highlights are one of the best and easiest to make use of for all of the parties involved in the creation and viewing of a stream.

Powerful computers, high-quality cameras, and good software are all important pieces of the streaming puzzle, correctly using them will allow you to be successful at streaming video games. Even for viewers, these tips can help enhance their enjoyment of a streamed game. Understanding the time and effort that goes into creating a stream may make viewers more appreciative of the amount of work that you put into your stream to make it a success and while still entertaining your viewers.


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