Top Ten Horror Games for the Wii by Second Opinion Games ?




  1. I can agree from first hand experience about Calling, RE4, both RE shooters, Cursed Mountain as I have at least played or completed those games . I also own PZ2 and Obscure II, just haven't delve in too much yet due to the huge backlog I am working through. Great list! Was nice to see Ju-On get some love, usually reviewers are quite cruel to it, but it looks like it delivers what it says on the tin.

    Calling wasn't too easy to find…I bought my copy in Germany and thus have a German manual….I need to continue my language lessons to translate it, though if anyone here has the English manual and could scan it…

  2. You're killing me, I am playing Resident Evil 4 right now! I beat it back when it came out and then wanted to play it again so I grabbed it at a store for $5 a few weeks ago and I'm about 9 hours in. On Dead Rising I agree with the Xbox 360 comment, I eventually had to give up because I could never get to a save point on some spots before dying (same when I gave up on Fallout 3 on Xbox 360 as well). But my favorite brutal/horror game for the Wii was Manhunt 2 and was surprised it wasn't on the list, absolutely loved that and bought it again and when RE4 is done I will replay that one too!

  3. I've seen a lot of folks rip on Curse Mountain, but those people are clearly degenerates who shouldn't be allowed to use the internet. I loved that game! It's en vogue to trash motion controls, specifically the finishing moves to kill the ghosts in that game, but I thought it was a nice touch and the moves were accurate enough to usually work. And I thought that little bit of doubt that would killing move would work added to the tension and seems oddly appropriate for banishing spooky ghosts from the land of the living. I wish I had more free time, I'd like to track down some of the games on this list and give them a try. But I can't keep up with the games I already have for the Switch and PS4.

  4. Good list, thank you. Some of these games I've had for a while now because most of the Wii's library is dirt cheap still. I might try Calling tonight and shit my pants in the process.

    I regret that I never paid much attention to the Wii at all way back when and only got one this year when the Wii Ware Channel was about to close. Glad I did though, it's a treasure chest and so far I've acquired more than 40 retail titles and still counting.

  5. Yes, I played this on Ps2 and wish they would remastered this game. It would look best on PlayStation VR and first person. Well not sure why they wouldn't do it. Thanks for making the video. Later man.


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