Top Ten Must Have DS Platformers


Stuck on what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss ten of the greatest Nintendo DS platform games the system has ever received. Lots of awesome platform games released for the DS handheld, so let us know your top 10 DS platform games below! Join us on Discord – Support Channel on Patreon – • ⬇ More Episodes ⬇ • Essential Games – .com / watch? v = fEpc17Ffwpo & list = PLE5LkFdD-_EiZX8v8C6g1rjUnryNy_FOs Hidden Gems – ListYk5LkFdD5-_EgDiHlkFdD-_EgDiHlkFdD-_e5LkFdD-_EiZX8v895-_ww5_Eg1Xw://Q9LkFdD5-_EgDiH9LkFdD-_ww5LkFdD-_EgDiH5LkFdD-_EgDiHlkfdd5 = 0JDH1: ListYlkfd5 Games – PLE5LkFdD-_Egz-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2JMQ Games canceled – https://egMnoTMGi1xRXX70gaSMHd-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2J05=KPLE=K=KPLE=K=L=K=L=K=Kp2=Kp2=Kpu=Kp2=Ktube=K=Dwatch=K=K=K=ww=ww=ww=Kww= _EjUXA9CttwVOIiGhS67wl6H Dreamquest – /: // Live Streaming – • ⬇ Follow me here ⬇ • Twitter – vgshow.



  1. Hey thank you for your videos. I just recently purchased a DS, and I'm having a grand time diving into it's library. Your videos are helpful because I think you have good taste in games, but also your narration is concise and your voice is easy to listen to (as opposed to other Youtubers).

    One game I think you're missing in this video is Kirbys Mass Attack. That is such a charming and addictive game! But I understand this is your top ten, so some great games had to be excluded. Anyway, thanks again! Any more DS videos would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Thank god Megaman ZX and it's sequel got a re-release on modern platforms in the Megaman Zero/ZX Colletion 😀 now if only the Castlevania ones would get the same treatment …

  3. I'm a huge fan of the DS's library of games. There's some pretty good picks on this list. I especially recommend Henry Hatsworth and Monster Tale. I'm looking forward to more lists like this one!

  4. Excellent list! I've wanted a copy of Aliens Infestation for a long time, but not fifty bucks on Ebay want. The DS had such a deep library. I enjoyed The Simpsons game a lot, fun platforming with distinct things to do with each character.


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