Top Ten Must Have Nintendo 3DS RPGs


Don’t know what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss ten of the greatest Nintendo 3DS RPGs the handheld has ever received. Many excellent RPGs have been released for the 3DS, so let us know your top 10 best games below! Join us on Discord – Support the channel on Patreon – • ⬇ More Episodes ⬇ • Must Have Games – https://www. /watch?v=fEpc17Ffwpo&list=PLE5LkFdD-_EiZX8v8C6g1rjUnryNy_FOs Hidden Treasures – Underrated Games – https://www. Collecting games – Japanese games only – watch?v=Qvr&XJWD0nlist PLE5LkFdD-_Egz-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2MQ Canceled Games – Dreamquest – HRKkkjAvMCE&list=PLE5LkFdD3-_EjUXA9CttwVOIiGhS67wl6H Dreamquest – Live Streams – IISE&list=PLE5LkFdD-_EhqCWjJc38aYQckcJav0qsI • ⬇ Follow me here ⬇ • Twitter – vgshow .



  1. Dragon Quest games are quite fun and are in some ways, equal to, or even sometimes superior to their better known rival Final Fantasy. I love that Dragon Quest sticks to its turn-based first-person view battle system throughout the series whereas Final Fantasy has experimented with all sorts of battle systems, none of which are as much fun as the original system. One thing that Final Fantasy games, especially 1 and 2, have over Dragon Quest is the cool magic system. If Dragon Quest had a magic system like that, it would be superior to FF in every way.

    Bravely Default is visually amazing and it's cool to see Final Fantasy style turn-based combat in a new story world.

    Fire Emblem has a lot of good games for the system. I love the tactical combat system. One of the best made. The new ones like Awakening are nice because they make use of the 3D feature and have modern graphics without giving up the combat system that is the heart of the game. The option to play 'casual' mode is good because it makes the game more accessible to people who aren't already fans of the series.

  2. So, I’m wondering,
    for games like Persona Q2 and Etrian Odyssey IV, do I need to play the games before that? I just don’t wanna miss anything important, is all.

  3. Dude tales of the abyss was amazing I probably would've never played this but since it was portable and I was able to take it with me and play during downtime at work I was able to finish it. It was a fantastic game even tho it was a port it was still amazing.

  4. I haven't started this video yet, but I recently picked up Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology and it is outstanding so far. If it's not on this list I'll be surprised. Here we go!

  5. First of all my english is very bad but I'll try my best, I really want to find a game that is for the nintendo 3ds but I can't find it, the game stars with a couple of people in a ship and then a kraken attack the ship and all of them fall, is like an rpg, if someone can do something with this info pls tell me the name!!!!

    Again my english is not good but thank you.

  6. I loved Persona 4 but the endless palette-swapped junk enemy design makes me want to barf. It's so fucking ugly and lazy. "I wonder what element the purple table is weak to?"


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