Top Ten Must Have Nintendo DS RPGs


Don’t know what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss ten of the greatest Nintendo DS RPGs the handheld has ever received. Many excellent RPGs have been released for the DS, so let us know the top 10 games below! Join us on Discord – Support the channel on Patreon – • ⬇ More Episodes ⬇ • Must Have Games – https://www. /watch?v=fEpc17Ffwpo&list=PLE5LkFdD-_EiZX8v8C6g1rjUnryNy_FOs Hidden Treasures – Underrated Games – https://www. Collecting games – Japanese games only – watch?v=Qvr&XJWD0nlist PLE5LkFdD-_Egz-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2MQ Canceled Games – Dreamquest – HRKkkjAvMCE&list=PLE5LkFdD3-_EjUXA9CttwVOIiGhS67wl6H Dreamquest – Live Streams – IISE&list=PLE5LkFdD-_EhqCWjJc38aYQckcJav0qsI • ⬇ Follow me here ⬇ • Twitter – vgshow .



  1. 8:34 this pokemon game fighting style makes me sleepy, even they can't make pokemon move, pixel graphics make it so much easier than 3D, probably because of the amount of pokemon being too much for one game, so they saved money by making them look like a still image in battle, after they released the Black and White version the pokemon could move in Battle, but they dropped the style that pokemon follow tamer.?

  2. I totally agree with Devil Survivor and it's narrative being superb, I even recommend it to non smt fans, especially If you're into strong narrative driven mangas or novels. It starts out feeling like a simple adventure, like the first episodes of Digimon Adventure, were the Protagonist, allthough being afraid and/or homesick sometimes, almost seemed to have fun on this exciting new trip and the mysteries to uncover and the strange creatures, but after the first third Devil Survivor really picks up with a more serious tone, giving you a lot of difficult choices in old SMT fashion.

  3. I'm looking for this ds strategy game in where we play as one of many warring nations. We can either conquer or make ally of another nations, and each nation has their characters with special skills or traits like good at battle or diplomatic stuff.

    I'm just gonna leave a comment here in case anyone remember the title.

  4. I never understood why they just stopped porting the Dragon Quest games to the USA after #4 especially since 4, 5, & 6, are a trilogy of sorts & we'd already gotten the first.
    I wonder if DQ 4 sold poorly


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