Top Ten Must Have Nintendo Wii RPGs


Stuck on what to play or what to buy? Join TVGS as they list and discuss the ten best Nintendo Wii RPGs the console has ever received. Lots of great RPGs released for the Wii, so let us know your top 10 games below! Join us on Discord – Support Channel on Patreon – • ⬇ More Episodes ⬇ • Essential Games – .com / watch? v = fEpc17Ffwpo & list = PLE5LkFdD-_EiZX8v8C6g1rjUnryNy_FOs Hidden Gems – ListYk5LkFdD5-_EgDiHlkFdD-_EgDiHlkFdD-_e5LkFdD-_EiZX8v895-_ww5_Eg1Xw://Q9LkFdD5-_EgDiH9LkFdD-_ww5LkFdD-_EgDiH5LkFdD-_EgDiHlkfdd5 = 0JDH1: ListYlkfd5 Games – PLE5LkFdD-_Egz-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2JMQ Games canceled – https://egMnoTMGi1xRXX70gaSMHd-cQlRfxzJ_jOumYFP2J05=KPLE=K=KPLE=K=L=K=L=K=Kp2=Kp2=Kpu=Kp2=Ktube=K=Dwatch=K=K=K=ww=ww=ww=Kww= _EjUXA9CttwVOIiGhS67wl6H Dreamquest – /: // Live Streaming – • ⬇ Follow me here ⬇ • Twitter – vgshow.



  1. Nice list definitely gonna give it a try especially since I Alr owned the top 2 which tells me we have similar taste unfortunately rune factory 4 is Alr taking so much of my time

  2. Ive played all of these, with the exception of Pandoras Tower (sadly I never knew about the game when it came out). And out of all of them, I enjoyed Arc Rise Fantasia the most.
    Any jrpg fan should try this game.

  3. Great list. It's obviously that you've done your homework here.

    My top ten:
    1) The Last Story
    2) Xenoblade Chronicles
    3) Baroque (Rougelike, action, dungeon crawler)
    4) Pandora's Tower
    5) Muramasa
    6) Fragile Dreams
    7) Dokapon Kingdom
    8) Opoona
    9) Little King's Story
    10) Dragon Quest Swords

  4. 4:22 How come that you didn't mention the special sword attacks that use souls? Especially given they are mostly unique to said sword.
    7:45 Radiant Dawn was my very first Fire Emblem. (And is still my favorite.) I will highlight one of its elements that is hardly talked about albeit it deserves it.
    It's Tutorials. Or rather the system's structure: If something happens that needs an explanation "series mascot" Anna will show up and take you to a special map featuring a narrated/explained autoplay section. That is pretty standard (still funny for people who know the game as Anna occasionally takes jabs at your current Commander at the time) but what is great is the way these tutorials are handed out to the player. If no tutorial is needed the game will normally progress without any interruptions sometimes for several chapters. And this balance between being useful yet not annoying is a thing that games often fail to deliver.
    9:27 Ragarding the Last Story:
    Did you really needed to repeat "It has a lot to offer even though at first that may not seem to be the case."? 😛
    10:38 I miss one feature of Xenoblade Chronicles that you should have mentioned. Especially given it was cut from its sequels(most likely due to time constraints) and is extremely rare amongst all RPGs.
    Equipment in the game exists beyond the menu screen.
    Whilst many modern games actually change the weapons of choice they hardly go beyond that. Maybe you get costumes or visible accessories if you're lucky. In XC that's different. Any part of equipment is actually modeled and your characters will wear it during gameplay.
    Which is amazing.

  5. Great vid as usual! Many games I hadn't given attention to before. Funny how after having watched this Xenoblade seems like the least interesting rpg on the system for me when it usually is fronted as the most amazing rpg on it. Gonna have to try out a lot of these. Just discovered the translation of Earth Seeker too so that's a must as well since the music and atmosphere gives a monster hunter vibe.

  6. I struggle to understand how you can call Dawn of the New World…. "good." That game is beyond trash; it single-highhandedly turns people away from the delightful Tales of series.

  7. Nice list! I'm surprised you didn't include Opoona. It's a turn-based JRPG with a ton of charm, created by the people who made the Dragon Quest 7 remake on 3DS. Highly recommended. The OST alone is worth a playthrough just to hear the amazing music, but the story and gameplay is really good. It's also a Wii exclusive.


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