Top Valorant agents for ranked


In Valorant, the 10 current agents are not all equally good. Some are better than others. As you are only allowed to have one hero of every kind in the team in Valorant, it is important that you choose the top agents in the game. So that you make the right choice among the heroes, we present you our tier-list of the best and worst characters in Valorant.

What are tiers? Tier means in some games classification of skills, weapons, or characters in terms of their usefulness or strength. The division goes from the highest level “S” to “C” or even “D”. The further down something is, the less useful it is. But keep in mind that the division can change with updates and changed game meta from time to time. So if you want to rank up the ranks in Valorant, choose the most powerful heroes and it will get easier to rank up, than with Valorant boosting.

This is our tier list

Our list is specially designed for characters with good team play. It could be that you think that some characters are better but we don’t support selfish solo characters. In this list Raze and Reyna are pretty far down but for solo gameplay they’re perfect.

S-Tier Cypher
A-Tier Omen
B-Tier Raze
C-Tier Reyna


The S-tier characters

This are the characters you should play, but why are they so good? Here is the absolute elite of agents in Valorant. The heroes at this level are extremely good and could therefore soon be nerfed because they regularly dominate the game. We will present you our top two agents.

Cypher – total surveillance

What is so good about Cypher? Similar to Sova, you have an agent here who mainly provides useful information. He plays a little more complicated than Sova, but offers long-term and enormously valuable educational data.

Among other things, he can place trip hazards that both reveal and hold on to opponents. He can also place cameras that permanently monitor an area. So you can also cover distant areas and regularly look for opponents. With its cyber cage, it also has a fairly passable smoke, a smoke bomb that protects against snipers. His Ultimate even enables the locations of all his comrades to be extracted from a dead enemy.

If you use Cyphers Skills wisely, you can dominate the game, because information is essential in Valorant. Among other things, Cypher can hold a point completely on his own or, with his trip wires, make every push a shambles for the attackers. Therefore, Cypher is welcome in almost every well-positioned team and is rightly in the S-tier.

Sage – The useful supporter

What is so good about Sage? Sage has had a tight grip on the S-tier since the days of beta and, despite many nerfs, just doesn’t want to let go. The petite Chinese is still one of the most useful agents in the game and can use her skills to turn the round several times.No matter what you do with Sage, it is always immensely useful:

  • She can create a wall that is difficult to destroy and can therefore reliably block attack routes.
  • She can create a zone with a slowdown effect that changes a push to a miserable “crawl”.
  • She can heal battered heroes, free of charge, and only with cooldown!
  • Your Ultimate can even raise the dead

The last skill, in particular, is often crucial, because normally you can no longer revive anyone in Valorant. Overall, Sage is currently considered “out of control” and should soon get some nerfs. Until then, she still sits in the S-tier and dominates.


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