TrikSlyr Reacting to 10 Best NEW PC Games To Play in July 2021 from Force Gaming


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  1. I agree completely with the top-down thing. It sort of works for me when it comes to Virtual Tabletops (like D&D or Pathfinder maps and tokens). For videogames however, I'd rather have isometric (love me some nice isometric pixel art) or the classic Legend of Zelda-like sort of front view, sort of top-down view.

  2. i played Fallout 76 late last year and it's way improved from what it started as, i had a blast playing it for a while, admittedly i played with a friend and i'm sure that makes a difference but still. there is a game there now in Fallout 76.

    i like the look of Tribes of Midgard for sure, might be cool as heck to see you, Pally & Mewn playing ??


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