Trump Supporters Riot in U.S. Capitol

Trump Supporters Riot in U.S. Capitol

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This summer, abolitionists and protesters were gassed and shot in the streets and in their homes, all for rising up against a white supremacist paramilitary state bent on violence and subjugation. In DC, President Trump orchestrated a similar tear gas attack on protesters outside a church on live television. The idea of ​​a single protester then – seen as an “antifa spy” by the conservative media as a whole – standing on an equal footing from the Capitol building is monstrously laughable, with all the armored police guards, tanks and National Guard squads on the move. the streets.

The experience of a “protest”, or even a simple demonstration, apparently changes quite significantly when one is a white supremacist.

Currently, on Wednesday, Trump supporters and election conspirators attempted to storm the Capitol building. Legislators are be evacuated by tunnels, according to MSNBC, while others take refuge in their offices, as Michigan Rep Haley Stevens. A Politico reporter shared “escape hoods”, which are supposed to protect against chemical, biological and radiological attacks.

The scenes of the situation are, at a glance, disastrous:

But in the panic, misinformation quickly spread online. A video showed a cross erected by zealous Trump supporters, in what appeared to be the Capitol, but in reality was a video of a rally in Michigan.

As the pandemonium ensued, Republicans and Trump supporters began to pretend it’s an event orchestrated by antifa, as documented by Right Wing Watch. CNN also reports that the US Capitol is officially locked, with Capitol Hill residences during evacuation, as demonstrators drill the front barricade is erected by the police.

A few moments ago, the white supremacists managed to cross the Capitol, carrying a Confederate flag.

The blatant demonstration of non-violent police resistance against said protesters illustrates the core of their continued success in this attempt to enter the Capitol: it’s very easy to do that, when you’re a white supremacist.

It is exactly that simple. Unlike the protesters this summer, who fought for a complete reinvention of the US political and paramilitary apparatus, the protesters currently inside the Capitol, some with Confederate flags, are not treated as a similar threat. They are, in all respects, the final form of this country and the era of American history, as envisioned by Donald Trump and his demonic horde.

Currently, clashes inside the Capitol between rioters and the police seem to be continuing:

Trump, meanwhile, fanned the flames:

Representatives upstairs in the House were then given gas masks after the deployed inside the building.

While elsewhere, Mayor Muriel Bowser instituted a citywide curfew from 6 p.m. Wednesday to 6 a.m. Thursday, January 7.

As this is a developing situation, this story will be updated

Update, 3:25 p.m .: MSNBC reports that someone was taken from the Capitol on a stretcher. Due to the graphic nature of the video, click here.

Home security also fired guns at protesters who smashed glass in bedrooms at 3 p.m.

Elsewhere in the Senate offices, white supremacist Baked Alaska was broadcast live.

A reporter documented how reporters and lawmakers inside the Capitol could literally hear the “rumble” under their feet, and panic among staff members and colleagues. A Washington Post reporter claimed that a source told them the Defense Department rejected requests by DC officials to deploy the National Guard, in stark opposition to responding to abolitionists and anti-police protesters this summer. .

Election protesters in Kansas also violated the Statehouse, according to KSNT’s Capitol Bureau.

Similar events are currently taking place at the Georgia Capitol, according to a Washington Post reporter.

Update, 3:50 p.m .: Former Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense and Michigan Representative Elissa Slotkin says she has spoken to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and that troops from the National Guard have been approved and are coordinating with Capitol Hill law enforcement. Of course, those same law enforcement didn’t do much to begin with, as they demonstrated, so we don’t know what that coordination looks like.

Images were also obtained via the live stream of protesters taking selfies with what appear to be members of the police:

New York Times also reports that a homemade bomb was found at the RNC and was successfully detonated by a bomb squad, according to a statement by the RNC There was a similar package left at the DNC, the Times reporting that the “top Democrat” we were dealing with is maintained was not “authorized to speak publicly about it.”

As a result of earlier reports, one person was shot dead inside the Capitol by law enforcement, according to NBC News.


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