Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker Trolled By Game Awards Show Crasher

Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker Trolled By Game Awards Show Crasher

Matan Even, the little cart that snuck onto the Game Awards stage last December to shout former US President Bill Clinton, is back. This time, however, he crashed socialist Twitch streamer Hasan “Hasanabi” Piker’s May 4 live stream on the WGA writers’ strike picket line in Hollywood, California. For what? Well, the owner stans man, apparently. yuck.

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If you recognize Even, it’s because he tries very hard to be recognized. AT Game Awards Parade 2022just as developer FromSoftware went for the Game of the Year trophy for Ring of Elden (well deserved!), a random kid in an ill-fitting black sports coat and a pair of Yeezys stood behind director Hidetaka Miyazaki and other staff. No one knew how he got there (spoiler warning: he literally just walked with them), but many had questions. Anyway, after Miyazaki delivered his acceptance speech and the FromSoft staff prepared to dive in, Even commandeered the mic to oddly recognize Bill Clinton.

“I want to thank everyone,” Even said. “I think I want to offer this award to my Reform Orthodox Rabbi Bill Clinton. Thank you all.”


Talk about a maximum stealth stat. The teenage weight fighter has a history of those stunts, going viral for events that crashed from a BlizzCon panel to an LA Clippers game and beyond. He recently trolled Kai Cenatshow up to harass the new king of Twitch last February. Now Even has done it again, blocking Hasanabi’s May 4 live stream with YouTube comedian Adam Conover while he was on a picket line for the current writers’ strike to the.

Hasan likes unions, Matan likes owners

Piker, one of Twitch’s most prominent streamers and probably the platform’s biggest political commentator, hosted an IRL livestream, meaning he was actually on the go instead of just talking to his camera in his million dollar home in West Hollywood (that people love to hate him for buying). The famous streamer wanted to show his solidarity with the striking film and television writers in buy pizza and walk the picket line with them. They are currently fighting for better financial payments, fairer working conditions and much more. After about three and a half hours of picketing, walking through Hollywood with Conover, chatting with fans and viewers, and drinking water, Even suddenly popped up like an unfortunate weed.

“What’s going on? How are you? We love landlords,” Even said, holding a cardboard sign that read “We love landlords.” “We’re all against unions. We’re here to protest [for the landlords] and against unions. We love them.”

A few more that I can only guess are that Even’s friends then appeared on screen, holding up similarly designed cardboard signs, harshly berating the owners.

“We love the owners,” Even said. “We like them very much. We are all against unions, they are not fair to companies. It’s a crazy problem. »

Piker tried to sideline Even to discuss with other organizers what was next. However, Even and his crew were still there, singing in favor of the owners. He then accused Piker of “running away” because he wouldn’t show their signs, promising to be there for “the rest of the night to protest”. Both then clashed on Twitter, with Piker saying he politely asked Even to step down so he could continue his business: live-streaming a picket line. This was after Even tried to team up with Piker for a “collaboration.”

Matan makes a statement—sort of

Even agreed via Twitter DM to speak with Kotaku on the phone, although he had legal counsel present throughout the call who advised him not to answer any questions about the mood at the Los picket line. Angeles, his stance on landlords, or his interaction with Piker, and appeared to be talking to Kotaku via a three-way call with his attorney based on his audio quality.

At one point, Even seemed to suggest that the strike wasn’t as important as other global issues, saying “from a logical point of view, there are so many problematic global disasters happening all the time. year [unintelligible]. People don’t pay enough attention to these issues. You know they go to the store, buy energy drinks, they come home and turn on the air conditioning, but they don’t even think about how it will affect all the animals in the ocean…” When asked if he was referring to climate change, Even denied it.

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Kotaku has reached out to Piker for comment.

If you follow Even on TikTok, it’s his bread and butter: he shows up at random times to harass the most random people for influence. It is disappointing to see someone trying to sabotage an organized struggle against exploited labor instead of using their huge following to raise awareness. We shouldn’t be too surprised, though. This is troll shit.

If you want to support striking writers, you can click on the main WGA website to find out how you can get involved. There is also a schedule with multiple locations if you want to join the writers on the picket line. Or, if you can’t physically show up, you can make a monetary donation which will be distributed among the strikers. And while you’re at it, you should Check out some of the best signs on the picket line. They are quite funny.

Update 05/05/2023 3:00 PM ET: This story has been updated to include a comment from Maten Even.


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