Ultimate Android Gaming! – Switch 3DS Wii GameCube PSP Emulation


When Android phones can compete with Windows handhelds, you know things are getting crazy. In this video we take a look at the gaming performance of the Red Magic 6 with the Snapdragon 888 processor. Red Magic 6: https://redmagic.gg Capture device: https://amzn.to/304RkPN Camera: https:// amzn.to/3cUAyc8 Follow me: https://www.instagram.com/takiudon/ Discord: https://discord.gg/AX2XdFk Preview Timestamps – 00:00 Build & Features – 00:49 PS1 1080p Duckstation – 4:09 N64 Mupen Fz – 4:34 3DS 2x Citra – 5:19 PSP 5x – 5:54 GameCube 2x Dolphin – 6:58 Wii 2x Dolphin – 8:00 PS2 Play! – 8:49 This video is for educational purposes only. Disclaimer: This notice includes affiliate links. Everything you buy from these links helps support the channel. .



  1. This is the real reason to buy flagship phone, to play those high end emulation games on the go.
    With Aethersx2 established as best and stable new ps2 emulators, it completes the emulation dream to most people.
    I could care less to play mobile games riddled with ads and microtransaction.

  2. Awesome video. I just want to say a really really demanding game on N64 is Starcraft once enemies get on-screen Man it tanks you should have tried running Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon I only have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and I was running Pokemon on 3x without any issues but Luigi's Mansion 1 and 2 wouldn't even work

  3. Hey so a few quick notes. This is all my personal opinion so don't take offense.

    I run a small retro modding business so i know a lot about this but basically. I think if you want an emulation device you should get either a Vita or a 3DS depending on your preferred company. Then install emulators to run other consoles.

    Any regular iphone or Android can play GameCube and Wii or anything console. 3rd party handheld emulators are nice as well but you will get more out of a 3DS or a Vita and it will be a nice product.

  4. For those talking about switch emulation, From what I hear, Nintendo actually sent takedown notice for any video mentioning switch emulation for quite sometimes this year, that's why most emulation content creation didn't mention Switch, or they did mention switch but we can't watch it since it being taken down.

  5. I picked up a Note 9 512gb model for $300 on eBay. Honestly, if you're gonna spend over $500 for a dedicated emulation device just save up the extra money for an Aya Neo and get a full Windows handheld. That is unless you're gonna use this as a primary cellphone.

  6. Just got the red magic 6 pro and for me this phone cant run anything with Vulkan on the dolphin emulator… no matter which version I use (Beta, Development,MMJR etc.), I always get the error "Failed to submit command buffer" wish I could play some of these games like i intended on doing when i bought this device… I also cant change the default launcher either… :/


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