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This week’s Nintendo download includes the following content:

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack Pokémon Puzzle League – Get ready for a Pokémon battle when the Nintendo 64 puzzle game, Pokémon Puzzle League, fills your Nintendo Switch screen in addition to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library. Join Ash, Brock, Misty and many more characters from the Pokémon animated series as they gather in Puzzle Village to compete for the title of Pokémon Puzzle Master. Simply match three or more blocks of the same color in any direction. It may seem simple, but the gameplay is surprisingly deep, especially when you face a human opponent, in person or online! Choose from six different modes offering a wide range of action, from story or puzzle modes to continuous play or timed play. Pokémon Puzzle League will be available from July 15 for players with a Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack membership.SEGA Genesis – Nintendo Switch OnlineMEGA MAN: THE WILY WARS – MEGA MAN: THE WILY WARS features the first three games in the acclaimed Mega Man series, compiled for SEGA Genesis! Beat all three games to unlock Wily Tower, where you can challenge a new boss. Comix Zone – In Comix Zone, experience an action game in a setting based on American comic books. A comic artist finds himself lost in the Comix Zone and must fight his way through panels of mutants to escape! Zero Wing – This side-scrolling classic was created by popular arcade game developer Toaplan . There are three types of weapons to choose from: Valcan shots, lasers, and homing missiles, all of which can be used in the boss fight of each stage. Capture objects and enemies with the Prisoner Beam and use them as shields or weapons! Target Earth – This game has won over many fans for its exhilarating mix of platforming and action. Earn gear based on your performance in each stage and customize your loadout for eight different levels. Nintendo eShop on Nintendo SwitchEndling – Extinction is Eternal – As the last mother fox, you will have to keep your three little ones alive and lead them to safety in a world ravaged by humanity. In this side-scrolling 3D game of stealth, survival and adventure, you’ll fight your way through devastated environments to reach the only place on Earth where humans can’t hurt you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide how many of your Cubs survive the perilous journey. Endling – Extinction is Forever releases July 19.XEL – Play as Reid, castaway in the strange world of XEL in this 3D action-adventure set in a sci-fi fantasy setting. With no memory of his past life, it’s up to you to unravel Reid’s past and his connection to XEL. Prepare your sword and shield as you explore the overworld of XEL and delve into towering dungeons full of unforeseen threats and challenging puzzles. Along your journey, you’ll make new friends and enemies, discover new gadgets, and jump through time and space. As Reid delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding XEL, she uncovers an endless cycle of peril. Will she be able to free herself from it, and what will it take?


Walk and play with Pikmin Bloom – Starting today the latest version of the Pikmin Flower The mobile app introduces a thriving garden’s worth of new features to help enhance the enjoyment of your daily walks! With new weekly flower planting challenges, you can team up with friends and work together towards a common goal of planting flowers. Additionally, all users who join a weekly flower planting challenge and complete it before the end of the day (local time) on July 24 can receive an in-app “Flower” t-shirt (one per player) . Looking for a unique way to reconnect with your friends, wherever they are? You might like the new invite friends feature for weekly challenges – it makes it easier for your friends in the app to join you! For more details on the latest Pikmin Bloom updates, visit


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